A weekly report “a pair of pairs” is out!

This week was hard and we had something to show and to talk about.

Honestly? We are satisfied with the results. So if we’re satisfied you will probably like it.

Let’s follow the beaten path: a little action from the start, then pictures with the text, and a short video in the end.

I Animations


Continuing the report №15 we will show the minotaur’s movements. Before watching a video take into account that he has 3,5-4,5 meters of height.

Death. When such big fellow falls the camera of all players next to this place will be shaken.

Here’s the “ram” that will send a gaping loot hunter to respawn.

Furious cry and stamping. The players’ camera is shaking and the legs give way under him. (We consider the possibility of frightening that will affect the character’s energy within N meters).

II 3D models - weapon

Exclude a weapon editor the game has a solid weapon. You can’t take it to pieces but you can change the stuff of almost all weapons.

With an increase of the average length of a blade - from the daggers to the two-metre zweis:

We’ve already shown the rob models in the report №19. It was included in the Pre-order Bundle. Now it’s time to show the shields, helmets and weapons (from the daggers to the huge two-handed swords).

We remain that it’s only “skins”, i.e. you need to have a game item of an appropriate type (often with level) to use it. After having it you can talk to special NPC to use the skin.

III Crosshairs

Let’s forget about models for a while. Now we call on the comments and discussion. We decided to finish new crosshairs to the pre-Alpha. It will not only hint about the type of weapon in your arms but will also look more suitable for the melee and ranged combat system.

Let’s get this sorted out:

  1. 3 crosshairs are on top for the magic (we’re still choosing but we’re inclined to the left one). Turning it to yourself the upper part of a crosshair will be changed to the icon of character’s silhouette (men and women have different silhouettes).
  2. 6 crosshairs for the melee weapon:
    • 3 on the right “before focusing the aim”;
    • 3 on the left - the crosshair will look like this if you’re successfully focused the aim and it is in the kill zone;
    • The crosshairs will have different size because different weapons have various kill zone (we talk about the effective casualty radius that’s obtained in accordance with the formula and hidden from the players). The 3 sizes are shown as examples. There could be more sizes - it is under discussion. Or we will divide all weapon types into the 3 types.
  3. There is a cooldown line under the third crosshair (reload or preload). We tried different variants but the line indicates more precisely.

IV The first step in the Dworran kingdom

Well, we’re proud to tell that we finished the important stage - the merging of the main project with the game world. And the most important - we fixed 100% critical errors blocking the certain functional of one of the projects (or both!).

It means that we got close to the pre-Alpha.

Here’s a first short video.

V Conclusion

What do we want to tell in conclusion of the important report?

First of all, the report is late because we didn’t want to post it without the video content. We missed it.

Second, we commit to the pre-Alpha. The timetable is set with the check-points with the maximum of 2 days.

The new mobs, a few funny animations and... a huge deserted castle of the forgotten empire awaits un in the next report.

That’s all! Watch the videos, subscribe to the channel (soon there will be new videos about game mechanics).

It's Friday evening - ROGgoms up!

Yours sincerely,
Reign of Guild Team