This glossary provides meaning of in-game terms one can find in Reign of Guilds.

Association - group or cooperation of guilds in accordance with their working activity (merchants, crafters or mercenaries). May be active within one county.

Association cupola - is a guild that leads and commands with specific association. Each association may have only one cupola. One specific guild cannot be association cupola in different counties.

Attribute stasis - player has an option to stop gaining new attributes but continue to get experience. After “Defrost”, players level will be automatically increased in accordance with experience gained.

Auction - is well known mechanics of distant interaction between trader and buyer or customer and executant. In ROG auctions are divided into 3:

  • Trade auction - classical auction type with bid raise;
  • Repair auction -  is created for customer to find master that can repair broken or weary items. Repair auction has assurance system for making deals;
  • Bounty auction - auction for contract murdering. Сustomer picks guild or specific player or other target. Executer brings ear of the target as proof of performed contract.

Auctions are active within one county and ruled by relevant association cupola.

Each auction’s order is liable to commission fee.

Battle siege phase - special phase that allows free capture of castle.

Cache - Local bank or chest in rent or possessed estate.

Capture types - in siege mode there are some capturing methods available:

  • Zone capturing- players can capture specific zones within castle’s territory (and different parts of it). This model applies to big castles divided into several parts;
  • Tablet capturing - players capture and activate castle’s tablets. In small and medium castles tablet’s activation provides capturing castle in one location;
  • Holding castle - event similar to tablet capturing. After battle siege phase, the guild who managed to hold the castle longer than other guild (no matter which guild has possessed castle at the end of battle siege phase) counts as castle holder and successfully captures it.

Caravan - guarded convoy. Players will use mules (mules are not linked to any character so any person may use them) for transferring cargo between cities and gather place (mine, deforestation point).

Castle items - armor, weapons and high grade jewelry castle owner can use.

Character level - level display consists of two number parts (e.g. 16.15). First part is physical level (PL). Second is magical level (ML). Both parts grows with gaining PL or ML points respectively.

Commission fee - a fee (0-15%) for making trades on market gathered by top guild that rules alliance. Fee’s value is set by top guild.

Cooldown - the waiting time before a spell, item or ability can be used again. Usually measured in minutes or seconds. In ROG cooldown is visualized.

Count - a title that gets senor after occupying particular castles in county.

Craft - system of skills that allow players to create items.

Crystals - rare artifacts that may be put in tablets to provide specific bonuses.

Grow attributes (GA) - physical (strength, agility, accuracy, endurance) and magical (earth, air, water and fire). Attributes develop upon using weapon, magic, taking damage and so on.

Guild’s account - is bank account that is created in royal bank upon creation of guild itself. The account serves as main channel for Guild’s capital gain.

Guild’s operating account - is bank account that is created in Royal bank upon creation of guild itself. The account allows to get income from taxes, rent and fees. It also allows to spend funds for maintaining castles, counties and payments to guild members. Funds may be transferred to account of another guild.

Karma - reputation system that indicates debuffs for murdering other character.  It is a measure value with 5000 points maximum for being "good" and without any descending borders, which means that your karma may go as low as it goes.

  • Virtuous - less or co-ordinate to 5000 (top border), but even to 3000 or higher;
  • Good - less to 3000 but even to 1500 and so on;
  • Neutral - less than 1500 but more or equal to -1500;
  • Evil - less than -1500, but more or equal to - 3000;
  • Infamous - less than -3000, but more or equal to -5000;
  • Maniac - equal to -5000 or less to infinite.

Saint - this level of reputation can't be reached by casual in-game activity as it is prize for special events or achievements and might be either temporal or constant.

Table of drop and experience loss in accordance with karma index:

Karma cost for killing target Experience loss (from gained pool) Non-involved inventory space, amount Drop chance from other boxes in % Drop share from stack in box in % Drop chance from the doll in %
Saint  -500  0  10  0  0  0
Virtuous  -250  10  5  10 (5-10)  0
Good  -150  20  4  15 (10-20)  0
Neutral  -50  30  3  20 (15-30)  0
Evil  0  40  2  25 (20-40)  0
Infamous  0  50  1  30 (30-60)  0
Maniac  0  100  0  100  100  25
 Besides that debuffs include respawn location after death:
  • Saint, Virtuous - Main square of city or village;
  • Good - outskirts of city or village;
  • Neutral - close to city or village;
  • And so on (Maniacs are respawned on outskirt of world).

Kingdom - Feudal land in the world of Reign of Guilds. Kingdom is divided by 4 parts (north, south, west and east) 200-250 sq.m. each. Every part has 6-7 counties, 6-10 cities or villages and more than 30 castles.

King - a title senor may get if his guild owns 3 counties and conquered definite castles in King’s county.

Land value tax - a tax that castle owner gets from travelers and guests.

MA - magical attack.

Magical grow attributes (MGA) - earth, air, water, fire.

Maintaining castle - also an expenditure for castle holders. influence on amount of guards, spawn rates of guards and durability of gates + other showings that define castle’s level. The amount of expenditure is set by castle holder (the lord can decrease amount of outcomes by keeping less guards, simple gates and long respawn of his guard or increase expenditure level to make siege more difficult for other players).

Maintaining county - expenditure on supporting county for county holders. The amount influence on spawn rates of mobs, spawn rates of resources, refining speed and stock/quantity of items of NPC traders. The amount of expenditure is set by count.

MD - Magical Defense.

Membership fee - dues into guild’s account.

Mount - riding or baggage animal.

PA - Physical Attack.

Party - formation of 5-6 players made with special UI for raids, PvP and conquering other content of the game.

PD - Physical Defence.

Physical grow attributes (PGA) - strength, agility, accuracy, endurance.

PL (preload) - time needed before starting to use the skill or item (for example, charging the crossbow before the first shot).

Pole - information point that shows castle’s condition:

  • Full (blue) - the castle isn’t sieged (except 10 minutes after filling). Open world’s PvP rules apply. Capturing is impossible as gated are invincible;
  • Hollow (red) - Battle siege period with capturing allowed;
  • White (white) - Castle can be filled with elixir to make it temporarily invincible (any guild member can fill elixir).

Prefix - is an info about an item that shows its quality, ability requirements and durability. In ROG there are different names that depend on prefix.

  • P - Proficient
  • R- Regular
  • M - Mediocre

When item is created in ROG’s world, it gets prefixes that define it’s basic characteristics. Items that have PPP prefix are very rare as they are defined as “high-grade” by each characteristic.

Raid boss - is specific dangerous mob that usually might be killed by group of players only.

Rank - a status of guild’s member within guild’s hierarchy. There are 9 ranks:

Rank / Permissions Novice Feodary Headhunter Steward Treasurer Diplomatist Deputy Right hand Senor
Membership fee + + + + + + + + +
Can use Castle equipment (armor/weapon) + + + + + + + +
Can use tablet bonuses + + + + + + + +
Can accept new members into the guild + + + + + + +
Managing ranks of other players/ability to disqualify other guild members + + (except Diplomatist) + (Except Treasurer) + + +
Castle items management + + + +
Has access to bank account and castle’s treasury + + + +
Can implement fees within guild + + + +
Black list management + + + +
Interaction with other guilds (cooperation, announcing war, creating associations) + + + +
Expense management (castle/county/kingdom) + + +
Tax management (castle/county/kingdom) + + +
Senor’s’ heir +
Can dissolve guild +
Can rename guild +

RL (reload) - the time it takes for character to recharge after using weapon/skill/cast in order to use any weapon or magic, again.

Royal tax - a fee taken by king from all counts (0-30%). The value may be set in different ways for each count.

Sales tax - is taken upon any trade with NPC or other players through auction. Tax amount (0-15%) depends on trade sum of count within his county.

Share capital - funds put into guild account upon guild’s creation. Cannot be taken back on a direct basis. Share capital defines possibilities: membership capability, alliances, max castles’ level, sum level of all castles, ability to get ranks (count/king). Share capital can be raised if you want to expand your guild’s presence. Share capital is a guarantee that guild can cover it’s outcomes such as maintaining in case of material losses.

Tablet - is control center of the castle used by castle owners (guild) to manage castle/county/kingdom. Through tablets one can also use crystals.

Tabula rasa - in-game item for attributes redistribution (physical/magical). Number of attributes available (as timeout before next use) depends on item’s level.

Teleport - magic device provides fast traves between castles and cities within part of kingdom (north, south, west, east).

Thaler - main in-game currency. Used in setting taxes, trading between player and NPC, forming guild’s account.

Timeout - a period of time between occurrences (between death and respawn of castle guard, mobs, resources and so on).

Tradinging space - area near city or village for organized trade. Each character can rent space for trade with special NPC who will make trading on that spot and liberate player from paying sales tax and auction commission.

Treasury - a place in castle for keeping valuable items (weapon, armor, jewelry) that only castle owners can use. Treasury wipe happens upon losing castle or by authority of castle commanders to restore lost items. Restoration happens within 6 in-game hours (30 minutes).

Unattached loot - the loot dropped from dead mobs or characters isn’t attached to the player that picked it.

Vocation - by reaching 16th level character can join academy and get one of 14 vocations. Vocation gives passive bonuses and active skills and also allows to use vocational items.

Wear - tear of items which leads to decrease of item’s stats.