• FAQ: Pre-order
    • Why is pre-order important for the project?
      • Pre-order is a source of additional financing to the existing investments. Additional funds will allow the studio to breathe easier, to open new vacancies, thereby increasing not only the speed of development, but also making the project bigger, more beautiful and higher quality for the same development period.

        In addition, pre-order, as the very first form of self-financing of the project, is one of the criteria for communicating with neutral funds that will bring the project to a completely new level, without interfering with the chosen system of monetization and the degree of hardcore of the project.

        By the end of the first quarter of 2018, we were convinced that we have a great platform to put the Reign of Guilds on a par with the top MMORPG projects not only on the spiritual component, but also within the technology. That's what we plan to do.
    • What bonuses does the pre-order give in respect of early access pack?
      • Due to the strict project monetization policy, we are very limited in the variability of awards, but tried to offer a really worthwhile rewards for those who purchase the game before its early access.
        Unique bonuses, available only for pre-order, are allocated in a separate block "pre-order only", they include:
        1. Additional subscription months;
        2. Additional social forum and in-game rewards;
        3. ROG Club membership;
        4. Guild and character name reservation;
        5. Your name in credits;
        6. Nickname on the stone monument located on the Central square of one of the abandoned cities.
    • Why can’t I find in-game currency, consumables, resources and other features of F2P games stores in the pre-order pack?
      • For the same reason of a strict monetization policy:
        1. We completely refuse not only direct P2W, but even indirect (premium, game currency, consumables, resources, high capacity containers, etc.).
        2. We are well aware of how difficult the path of a developer with such monetization model, but the support and attention to the project from the community at the early development stages convinced us of the correctness of this decision.
        More information about the monetization system can be found in the "FAQ: General questions" section.
    • What is DRM free version?
      • "DRM free" means our own launcher.

        The game will be released not only at Steam, but on the other sites, as well as through our own launcher. If you wish, you can at any time replace the Steam key with a DRM free or with a key from any other distribution platform.

        The kingdom in which you find yourself don't depends on the choice of the distribution platform or our launcher - it is one for Europe and CIS, and the second for North America.
    • Can I upgrade my pack?
      • At the moment we are working on this option, as well as on the opportunity to purchase packs as a gift.

    • When do you plan to start early access and release stages?
        1. Early access stage is scheduled for Q3’20;
        2. Release is scheduled 12 months after the start of early access;
        3. The development plan is constructed in such a way that there won't be wipe (zero progress) of personal achievements (character development and items) when the game is released.
    • When will I receive my rewards?
        1. Social rewards on the forum will be credited within 10 days after purchase;
        2. Keys to access the game will be sent to e-mail 1 day before the start of the servers;
        3. Guild and character names reservation will start closer to Alpha stage;
        4. In-game rewards will be automatically credited to your account when you enter the game;
        5. Free months of the game will be credited to your account when you go to the release stage;
        6. Gift packs will begin shipping 2 months prior to early access as delivery times decrease to buyers so that everyone gets rewards around the same time.
    • How can I get a refund?
  • Вопросы по сборке

  • Basic

  • Pre-order only

  • Customization

  • LTD

  • Digital copy
  • Subscription months after Release

  • Social title in game

  • Add. subscription months after Release

  • Forum title

  • Additional in-game and Forum title

  • ROG Club Membership

  • Character name reservation
  • Guild name reservation
  • Your name in credits

  • Your nickname in stone monument

  • Unique cloak

  • Unique weapon or robe skin (choose from 24)
  • Unique skin for pack mount

  • Unique emblems for your guild

  • Unique skin for siege weapons

  • Unique social animations
  • ROG Collector's edition (ltd 1000 copies)


  • x1
  • x3
  • Knight
  • x3 (total 6)

  • Knight


  • x1
  • x3
  • Banneret
  • x9 (total 12)

  • Banneret

  • Maecenas

  • x2
  • Banneret

  • 6

  • for I Tier mounts

  • I Tier emblems

  • Duelist and actor

Raubritter LIMITED

  • x1
  • x3
  • Raubritter
  • x21 (total 24)

  • Raubritter

  • Patron

  • x3
  • Raubritter

  • 8

  • for I-II Tier mounts

  • I-II Tier emblems

  • for I-II Tier siege weapons

  • Duelist, actor and commander