15th Friday is on the air and we continue to talk about development.

Last report was large-scale in the units of letters. This report we will try to make shorter.

I NPC animations – two-handed wsord

The features are typical for NPC with that type of weapon: slow and strong attacks, broad effective range, aggressive way of fighting, fearlessness.

Yes, in AI 2.0 will be provided the way and manner of fighting. No, we won’t promise a lot, a neural network  for the independent existence of an A.I. (artificial intelligence). But the A.I. will be usual and typical for MMORPG.


Taking damage


II Animations of a minotaur

We will tell about it in detail.

Profile: Minotaur

Habitat: instances and also the nests of the mini bosses in the open world (respawns of the world bosses);

Role: the mini boss;

Height: 3,5-4,5 m;

Constitution: athletic;

Movement speed: high;

Education: incomplete secondary education;

Language: beef;

Character: aggressive, unsociable;

Special attacks: tossing away with stunning by two hits, throwing up (target doesn’t respond to a controller, physic turns into a ragdoll);

Special skills: “ram attack”. Enraging it targets the most remote unit and pushes aside all obstacles on its way. Getting hit by the ram attack almost always causes the death of an unfortunate player.

Now about animations.

Tossing away with a stun:

Throwing up and usual attack:

Breathing and walking:

For the animation of breathing we’ve already made not only an animation of his jaw but also an animation of chest movements.

For walking animation we chose an asynchrony with a spasm of the left hand.

III 3D models - ballistae

Today we will tell you a little about one more type of the siege weapons - ballista.

In fact, you can use ballistae during castle defence too but only at the high level castles.

Let’s start with the lightest ballista of level 1 (there will be 4 levels of the siege weapons in comparison with the items which have 12 levels).

The skins of basic ballista are shown on the screenshots below. It doesn’t affect the characteristics, of course.

The siege weapons of the 1st level aren’t deliberately worse than the weapons of the higher levels. The main difference is that it is more suitable for mobile attacks, easier to control and requires less resources to create it.

[By the way…]

The siege weapons had an aim not only to add a variability of tactics but also to create an additional resource requirements.

That’s why the requirements for controlling the siege weapons are not relied on the character level. As for the light ballistae, the number of attributes of physical development (precision and agility) will increase the controllability.

The control of a ballista will be implemented through the standard game controller for stationary weapons. The camera will become slow and inert, the sight will be shifted from the centre to the necessary side.

We are interested in your view about it so write it! Especially - if we should increase the controllability depending on the attributes.


Ballistae level II (middle weight)

It has more fire power, arrow range, sighting range. But it’s heavier and slower. The recharge is slower, the controlling is harder. The production and arrows are more expensive. Only professional can shoot at the moving targets. But such arrows are more suitable for the destruction of wooden gates at a distance. As for defence, it suits for the destruction of the siege weapons of enemies.

About heavy ballistae (level III) and its strengthened (level IV) versions we will tell later.

IV Conclusion

The first step of the pre-alpha is close to the release at PTR server.We wanted to share the new items for the man model so much that we added more than 60 items of equipment. We had to actualize a script of import to the characteristic engine from the table forms. Because there are the new parameters and we are ready to solve it.

The most interesting news about around-development:

  1. We are at the final stage of creating our new site. To be honest we are satisfied with the platform we made. On this basis we can create a fully interactive portal for the project, implemented thought not only the sites but also through our own launcher;
  2. We work on the trial bundle with the physical rewards for the limited edition in the run-up to the pre-orders. And also we work on the final edits of the bundles.

That’s all for now! Take care and have a nice time.

It’s Friday evening - ROGgoms up!

Yours sincerely,
Reign of Guilds Team