Hey everyone!

It has been a while since we’ve made update №5 and now, we are proud to announce update №6 that was implemented on our server.

New update will introduce:

  • New buff/debuff system. New mechanics introduce 7 slots for each character. These slots might be occupied with each buff/debuff for any character to get relative effect. If all slots are occupied, you need to remove one of buffs/debuffs in order to get new one;
  • New vacation system - our lead programmer made cool and agile system that allows us to add new content into the game even faster. Some of skills might be checked out already in this update;
  • Different balance improvements;
  • And other changes within the game and on our website.

We also fixed around 30 bugs and errors. Despite some old bugs can still be found in ROG, you may be sure that we are doing our best to fix those ASAP.

Don’t forget to update the game in Steam and dive into the world of Reign of Guilds!

Full patchnote can be found on our Forum.