Hello, friends!

First of all on behalf of Atlant Games team we want to congratulate the wonderful and beautiful ladies with this special day!

And now shortly about the main news:

Starting from 04/03 and until 01/04, you can vote for your favourite game - once a day. Your votes will be very useful to us, for voting - follow the link and put a like.

Since you can vote every day, we, on our part, want to thank you for your activity:
- For 10 votes - ROG Club membership;
- For 15 votes - pre-order pack "Knight".
- For 20 votes - pre order pack "Black Knight".

For those who are already in ROG Club we will give 60, 120 and 185 RCP, respectively.

Take a screenshot every day with a mark about likes and leave it in the topic on the forum, or in the comments.

  • 26/02/2021 we came back to the Normal-server, which will be updated every 2 weeks, the PTR server now remains strictly for the developers needs. This means that you no longer need to enter the code for Beta versions on Steam, you need to play on the Normal-server, and the uptime of the PTR server will be minimal;
  • List of invitees in the ROG Club by application (read more): Dura, Kimiro, Arunte;

Have a nice working week, ROG'oms up!

Change list 0.53.578 from 05/03/2021


  • Added:
    • The prototype of the siege structure (tower) with its own controller and physics - set in motion by 4 players;
    • The cost of using magic not only in MP, but also HP and energy;
    • Random for healing magic;
    • Mechanics of interaction with movable vendors (they stop for trade, after the end of trade - continue their way);
    • (AI) Logic for Troll and Troll Warlord.

  • Optimized (incl. full refactor):
    • Interaction of the character with objects (now the authoritativeness is entirely on the server);
    • Mechanics of immortality after respawning;
    • Game start mechanics (appearing in the world);
    • Mechanics of unequip weapons when respawning / entering the game;
    • Camera change mechanics;
    • Buff / Debuff mechanics.

  • Fixed:
    • Displaying level of items in the slot;
    • Number of items and its level in the tooltip (level l), incl. for items that do not stack into stacks.

Game World


  • Added:
    • Teleports to locations;
    • Spawners with a fixed spawn location;
    • Underground floor for “Tavern” level for tutorial.
  • Changed:
    • Balance of T0 items;
    • Powders (for consumption test);
    • Placeholder NPCs are gradually replaced with final ones and dress up.


  • Added:
    • Temporarily placed trolls at the entrances.


  • Added:
    • Unified tooltip lvl l for powders (subject);
    • Text values for hidden numerical characteristics of magic;
    • Tooltip lvl l for buffs (magic effect);
    • Sounds to the trade window;
    • Localization of the trade window.
  • Changed:
    • Elements of the radial menu that have not yet been introduced are highlighted with a translucent design.
  • Fixed:
    • Radial menu is closes when away from the target, or by ESC.