Pre-Alpha, Alpha and ROG Club

Pre-Alpha test |

Reign of Guilds now at the pre-Alpha stage, confidently heading towards Alpha. Pre-Alpha is available only for ROG Club members.

To submit an application to join ROG Club, fill out the following form* (every week we invite up to 2 new members). Also ROG Club membership is a reward for pre-order.

| ROG Club membership

Alpha test |

Sign-up for Alpha was closed on 07/15/2019. Those who signed up before 01/02/2019, but did not create new account on the updated site, please, write on the forum in private messages to @ ROGBot_1.6, with the name of the topic "Alpha" **.

* Applications without a valid account (user name) on the forum will not be accepted

** Your account must be registered to the email address you used to sign-up for Alpha

| Attention

What is ROG Club |

ROG Club members are directly involved in closed tests, discuss and compile feedback on the mechanics and new content, and help with bug reports, getting RCP for it.

This is ROG Club Points. For RCP, you can buy unique tester awards (including unique skins, titles on the forum, your name in the credits, etc.).

| What is RCP