Hello, friends!

Shortly about the main news:

  1. 26/01/2021 we canceled NDA, so in the near future we will start to give keys to all interested influencers;
  2. We diceded to increase the number of test keys for pre-order packs, including previously purchased ones: Banneret +1, Raubritter +2. To get them, use the "Key code" button on the forum;
  3. We have resumed to give invitation to the ROG Club on the application form (more details), here is the list of invited guests: Eskaldar, lvond, MatMax Qclick, SquiGuard;
  4. We have prepared a short video “End of Silence", starting from which we will prepare videos for our regular updates.


  • Added:
    • World Map (Key ”M” in English layout);
    • Loading screen with a progress bar;
    • System of second and third level tooltips;
    • Reduction system of units of measurement (thousand - “k”, million - “kk '') for items and taler.
    • Separate optimized AI system for citizens / workers / travelers / traders;
    • (AI) A new method for spawning mobs in specific locations rather than random locations.
  • Changed:
    • Artificial lighting (including returned support for dynamic shadows);
    • For GM characters, the buff bar and hotbar are returned with a 3rd person camera;
    • Pressing the MMB (mouse wheel) allows you to rotate the camera around the character (previously, holding the RMB);
    • Pressing MMB again returns the bindings of the camera to the character (earlier - releasing RMB).
  • Optimized:
    • Complete refactor of character death;
    • Complete teleportation refactor;
    • Damage, death, sight and respawn widgets;;
    • (AI) Full NPC refactor (guards);

  • Fixed:
    • Taking negative damage (magic protection).

Game world


  • Added:
    • New map (Tavern) for the main menu, it will also be for the tutorial level.
  • Changed:
    • Fog and render distance;
    • Vendors are re-done to a new AI class;
    • Some products are from vendors.

Harbour Village

  • Added:
    • 100+ more optimized artificial light sources;
    • Powder
  • Changed:
    • House of the Elder.


  • Added:
    • Tooltip (level ll) for a taler with full display of the amount;
    • Item level in the upper right corner of items icons;
    • The system of checkboxes for hiding windows when pressing the “TAB” button;
    • Localization of tooltips and widgets.
  • Changed:
    • The item tooltip displays the total number of items in the slot;
    • Tooltip position (level ll).
  • Fixed:
    • Displaying negative values in tooltips;
    • Different size of the text field description before and after fixing the tooltip.