I Introduction

It's time to sum up our sprint with pre-alpha.

Intermediate status of pre-Alpha is in the forum thread.

We were silent for almost a month (before Report No. 30), and now we can say that it was not for nothing that we concentrated on the pre-Alpha build - it is ready.

But its content has changed: we had to cope with the problems that we were going to solve after Alpha, and to compensate time spent on that, we excluded part of the plan for pre-Alpha.

II Pre-Alpha status (result)

Solving extremely difficult technical issues, we managed to prepare significantly more content than was planned earlier.

Therefore, we denote different colors:

Finished and implemented in pre-alpha (large-scale section);

Finished and implemented in pre-alpha;

Ready, but will be gradually introduced to Alpha, Beta-1/2.


  1. Upgrade from UE4.19 on UE 4.22;
  2. Solved the problem of large worlds and coordinates displacement;
  3. The server and client are working with coordinates displacement (rebase origin) for: movement, melee combat system, ranged combat (crossbows), magic (on yourself and on target), magic (projectiles and AOE), AI;
  4. TrueSky + DFAO at UE4.22 + rebase;
  5. Combat system 2.0 + controls 2.0;
  6. Modular system 2.0;
  7. Teleports and respawns system 1.0;
  8. Problem with skills is fixed;
  9. Adding different types of vendors, setting DVB;
  10. Adding 3 new mobs and their AI;
  11. Hands from the first-person view 2.0;
  12. New system of jumping 2.0 (fast jump) and dodhes 3.0;
  13. New crosshairs;


  1. Animations for 3 new types of mobs;
  2. Animations for hands from first-person view 2.0;
  3. Animations for combat system 2.0;
  4. Dodges animations 3.0 and jumps 2.0;
  5. Apex clothes;
  6. Morph types for armor LOD’s;
  7. 2-handed powder;
  8. powder and obelisk;
  9. 1-handed weapon and obelisk;
  10. Animations for 5 new types of mobes;

Level design:

  1. Dead castle;
  2. Dead city;

Tech design:

  1. Adaptation of TrueSky + DFAO for UE4.22 + rebase;
  2. Light/sky/3D clouds 2.0 (TrueSky);
  3. TrueSky compatible water;
  4. All SpeedTree trees have been optimized;
  5. Optimization of clothing / armor / weapons in the context of available in pre-Alpha;
  6. Optimization of existing materials / textures (first pool);
  7. Return of forests into the world (after correcting SpeedTree trees);
  8. New grass + optimization of vegetation on the ground;

3D models:

  1. Bear;
  2. 4 types of axes + 12 materials;
  3. Necromancer (full set);
  4. Crusader (2 tiers);
  5. Wolf;


  1. Crosshairs 2.0;
  2. Window for texts (information, notes, etc.);
  3. Icons for new models;
  4. Character customization window;
  5. Castle capturing window;
  6. Group window;
  7. Guild window;
  8. Respawn;
  9. Taking damage 2.0.

III Plans


We are planning to launch it in the coming days (PTR available for the entire ROG Club). Therefore, it's time to start keeping abreast, call back friends who have ceased to follow the development.

Alpha subscriptions and ROG Club membership

We’re planning to resume subscription for Alpha test by the time of pre-Alpha launch (very simple procedure - registration on our web-site). And also we will make an application form for those, who want to enter ROG Club.


After the pre-Alpha launch, part of our team will go for a well-deserved vacations.

The other ones will continue to work on Steam page, site information update, gameplay video preparation and a number of videos, that will tell more about game conception. Also we’re eager to enter some game portals to attract more people interested in Reign of Guilds.

Before pre-Alpha launch we’ll focus on increasing emotionality of the gameplay (video and sound effects, atmosphere, etc.)


It is still very important for us, and we are grateful to those who have already supported the project in this way.

In the near future, the Epic Games Store key will be added as an option in pre-order.

Also some Steam rules changed regarding prices (Steam has become much more loyal), so now we will work on the program of discounts for guilds (we’ll tell in more details in a separate thread). In short, with this program we want to start building a community divided into guilds around the project before it starts.

IV Conclusion

We’ve tried to summarize the latest news and plans as briefly as possible.

Although we will do a newsletter with news, nevertheless - many do not read the letters, so if possible, inform friends who are also following the project.

ROGgoms up, friends, - reason really is!)