Reign of Guilds is an upcoming Magic Medieval first person MMORPG

The game takes place in a kingdom, whose history of origin was long forgotten. This is why players themselves write this legend from scratch.

There are no prescribed story-lines. You are on your own from the first minutes.

Main features as good things ROG has:

  • Full NON-target together with the First Person gameplay;
  • Friendly fire is on;
  • Open World PvP right from the first level with a system of karma (as a reputation of player) and penalties for dying (resetting of experience, drop of items depending on karma);
  • 3 ways of leveling-up: PvP, PvE, and crafting. Separately or even as a mixture;
  • The main reward for the mass-PvP is governing a county, several counties or even the whole kingdom. It all depends on your strength;
  • Team or solo PvP on an arena, in the open world for respawning of mobs, resources and bosses;
  • “Unpersonalized loot”. Dropping items of even top level are not linked to the character who collects them, this is why trading will be massive;
  • A system of buffs that allows the player to change the specialization of a character from damage dealer to a tank or to increase “dynamic vitality”;
  • Simplicity of character’s characteristics;
  • A system of aging of items will not allow the player to equip the top level items once and for all in a base camp and relax;
  • An opportunity for any player to get into the chronology of the kingdom (“The Legend”), which is complied at the official website, and add a story of his or her achievements;
  • An opportunity to vote for different changes, modifications, balancing, and new features (within a reasonable range). Each player is given some number of votes based on his or her achievements in the game. The player may use the votes at the official website.

Bad things ROG does not have:

  • There are no tiring and repetitive quests for “leveling up” of a character. Rare tasks that a player may encounter in the game will be mostly related to new characters or achievements;
  • There is no Mass PvE. There is no longer need to spend hours in raids to earn DKP or similar, wait for loot for own class, or save tokens. Here all mobs with name tags (“bosses” as they are usually called) are in the open world. This is why the main difficulty is to share the loot with others, not to beat the loot out;
  • There are no common classes such as damage dealer, tank, healer, support, etc. Instead, there are 14 professions;
  • There is no system of upgrades of items or equipment. There is no need to sharpen weapon for days, place stones or runes, etc.

Now about the title: «Reign of Guilds»

Only united together under proper supervision from standpoints of politics, diplomacy, and economy, it has been always possible to achieve something significant.

For example, here are some sample options that can be done in the kingdom:

  • Assemble a guild, adjust its internal economy, equip fighters, capture a county, set taxes to maximum, and do not spend a dime on the maintenance of the county. By doing so, one would destroy the county’s economy and leave it to those who love restoring what has been destroyed;
  • Or remain a reasonable governor who would make alliances, decrease taxes to minimum just to cover maintenance expenses of the county? Maybe someone not so greedy will be able to pull this off?;
  • Or to assemble the strongest guild, make oneself a king and clasp to the skin all the Counts with the same high taxation trick? And this is also possible, if the king is truly fearless;
  • But we promise not to forget about players interested in PvE: trading or handicraft guilds which have acquired the top level in a corresponding association, are those that Kings and Counts should better reckon with;
  • But maybe you love kill for money? A mercenary association will gladly open before you the doors of its guild. They say the mercenaries were able to reason with the church with the help of shiny coins. This is why the church turns a blind eye on their doings;
  • А loner? Well, then, perhaps, you can show yourself off in tournaments? Or you will simply kill everybody weaker than yourself outside the gates of the city? Or you will become a huckster of top equipment?

The choice is always up to you. This is a basic set of planned possibilities and ways available in the game, which we wanted to share with you. And after all, we will definitely come up with new ideas and implement new things.