It’s Friday again and welcome back!

We keep to the schedule of reports, despite a lot of problems that our team faced in the light of current tasks - assembling of build of the team work for the period over a year.

Now let’s see what we’ve done.

I Animations

And this time, looking at the animations together, we will tell you a little about the skinning of armour because it’s interesting enough. Very briefly about the most interesting things:

  1. every element of armour uses the same skeleton (invisible) as the character (i.e. it contains an information about bones and its structure), that’s why every item can exist in the game separately, without any character;
  2. elements of the joints (elbow pads, knee pads, shoulder pads) have 3 types - soft, hard and compound. Soft armour is fixed to the different bones and bends with the covered joint. Hard armour is fixed to the one bone. When the joint bends, a gap appears at the side without fixing. Compound armour - 2 pads are connected with soft straps. These elements are able to move, following the leading bone.
  3. physics of materials. The following animations show that lower part of the armour is cuffed and follows the thigh bones. The engine and the epoch allow to configure the physics of materials to make this part soft and considering a collision of the character. You’ve already seen something similar in an earlier version on the prototype (tabard of crusaders etc.). We’ve already configured the physics of material for the new armour but the integration is the issue of painstaking tests and optimization. The burden is entirely on GPU. We wait for the bot system to take the final decision. It will allow to have a couple of hundred characters in view, check fps, activate (make them jump, for example) and see how the different video cards will react.

Sword thrust 10-04

Sword thrust 07-01

Therefore 2 questions:

  1. Are you interested in report dedicated to armour and clothes in the game?
  2. Which hardware would you recommend to test (processor and video card)? We certainly check the steam statistics of configuration of gaming PCs, also we have standard assemblies. We’re going to use it in the last stages of development to optimize the work. But we are always receptive to your enquiries and wishes.

II Mobs


It’s time for something new. We’re all know him - big, strong, with slurred mooing (as our executive director when he drinks), he is about 3 meters tall. Will he have his own labyrinth? Or will he be homeless in our Dwarhan Kingdom? Will see! But you would better to have a ball of thread.


It’s harder to handle with this guy. In the format of ‘Maximum” concept - it’s metamorphosis of the wolves. Wolves from the earlier version hurt not only your nervous system but ours too. That’s why we decided to upgrade them.

We’ve already told that dark nights would regularly occur (it would be not only darker but also it would change the distance of displaying of text and HP bars above players and mobs). It’s the night when random wolves will turn into the werewolves, while player gets aggro. And typical grind changes into typical rapid escape. We will tell about unusual fight with werewolf when it will be liven up with animations.

II3D models

Boots and gloves

In this section we are preparing for the winter.

Gloves and boots - from the light to the heavy armour. We remind that in the ROG will be informal division by heaviness of armour requiring different attributes. It’s easy if there is the main characteristic of armour. Light and heavy variants will give the same quantity of the main characteristic but different protection. It is connected to the increasing of attributes in general to transform a hardy character into really heavy tank. And strong character should damage with impressive thrusts of his Zwei but die from a glance of an archmage.


After about a week of edits and working on UX, we are close to the final screen of an item. It looks like this:

Naturally, set points are random.

V Conclusion

That’s all that we wanted to report for the past week.

Follow the news and have a nice weekend!

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Reign of Guilds Team