Today is Friday and it’s time to report on the work done.

We ask you to assess this form of little and regular reports about what’s going on, after reading the 4th weekly report. Do you like this form?

Now let’s go!

I Animations

We continue to train our steel master, soon he’s going to get 52.15. Here’s some shots of his training.

Hit 01-08


Hit 07-01

Hit 02-07

II Mobs


We tried to imagine midget’s appearance for a long time, especially when he ruins players’ life with debuff during getting levels! He was too noble and we were forced to spoil his appearance several times.

Now we are satisfied with our work. He has 3 variants of clothes. The red one is festive.

And most importantly, there is also his dead variant. It looks more like a leper and there is a fear of getting infected through a screen.


We decided to diversify the niphones. Dead niphone lives at cemeteries and other locations with all things wicked. He shriveled and split his two tails in half, in total: four tails. We’ll see - whether it allows him to move like tiphone!

P.S. Originally, niphone has only 2 legs-tails, as it should be.


Magic shield

And now for the best part. Do you remember that we mentioned the obelisks in the game? It is a protective item for the off-hand. If blocking is active it will raise magic shields. It is the same as physical block.

Moreover, high level obelisks allow to hold the wall in front of the player, protecting from arrows, hits and enemies. But this obelisks are extremely costly and take a lot of mana. That’s why you shouldn’t suppose that this wall will cover the pass at Thermopylae.

The apogee will be the obelisks that rise a hemisphere around the character and his companions. We’ll get to that later. They are currently under development.


This debuff will look like that.

In fact, it will be redrafted to make it more useful. You won’t dispel it with little purge powder. But this debuff will require many attributes of magic skills.

IV Conclusion

Many of you are interested in Alpha, as before.

Trust me, we are concerned about it even more than you!

Have you probably noticed the lack of level design in this report? The reason is that our level designers are involved in fixing technical gaps. It appears when levels are integrated in single mode but should be integrated in the open MMORPG world, divided into the servers.

Anyway, it’s a challenge to bring the year of work of the whole collective together. The longer we work on it, the more we are sure that it’s hard.

That’s why we are appreciate your understanding, patience and support.

Don’t forget to share your opinion and thoughts on our forum.

Stay with us and wait for the news from the front, see you later!