The report №26 is out and salutes you on Monday, lagging behind the due course.

The reason for the delay is technical.

About an armour, appearance customizer, its UI and a few animations.

And also today there will be an update of pre-Alpha status.

I 3D models - axes

We decided that axes’ pride was hurt by the variety of swords and its detailing so we focused our attention on it.

Usual two-handed axe and hard labrys, more than 1,5m in length:

Usual one-handed axe and short battle axe (especially it will suit duals 2* (one-handed weapon):

II UI of the character customizer

We have already told that the customizer is the team-work with our partners and we’re grateful.

Firstly we made an appearance editor for women and now it’s ready for both. After addition of both sexes we started to work on the UX/UI.

It looks like this now:

What do you need to know about the character customizer in ROG:

  • you can’t create a disproportionate mutant with the rainbow skin;
  • height will be restricted from 160 to 195 cm (we think of the same for women);
  • you can choose the heavy build (including the beer gut);
  • the height of a first person camera, a hitbox and melee weapon range will change depending on the height of a character, it will essentially influence the gameplay.

Question: would you like to try the editor in a separate project before pre-Alpha (about 800 mb)? Should we launch a contest “Beauty and the Beast”, for example?

P.S. Don’t count on the “sport” underwear - there are the old and ragged medieval pants.

III Animations

Special attack (RMB) for the one-handed weapon and a free left hand

So the combat system 2.0 is almost done with the controlling 2.0 and we updated the special attack (activating by RMB) for the one-handed weapon and a free left hand.

[By the way, ...]

Using one-handed weapon without the shield/obelisk/second weapon you increase the damage by 15%.

The special attack shown above is slow enough but it adds an extra 15% of damage.

For the special attack we had to choose between increasing of the critical strike chance and increasing of the damage. We chose the last one, otherwise we would “fine” the players who make the headshots more often.

Eventually, the one-handed weapon with a free left hand turns into the threatening weapon in capable hands and can be compared to the two-handed weapon. Especially if you can strike on the head.

Also we think of the addition of the subclasses for the one-handed weapons. So the bastard sword (longsword) will get an additional bonus for the usage without a protective item.

We remind of the using of RMB with the shield is the block and also there are 3 unique attacks with the shield:

  1. push by a shield (combination W + SHIFT + RMB), it pushes the target, knocking out an energy. It will be good for running down the fast classes;
  2. hit through a block (RMB + LMB) - it lets to hit with the active protection. It will be the unique gladiator skill;
  3. shield counter with the weapon finishing (RMB + LMB) - this attack can be activated by buff. Whether it will be common or unique feature of an armourer, we don’t know. We will choose it after testing.

RMB with the two-handed weapon - AOE attack in the form of an arc in front of you.

RMB with a crossbow - full-fledged aiming. ZOOM can be changed through the buff.

Using the one-handed powder with the two hands (without protective item) the damage won’t be increased but there will be a modifier reducing the recharge time.

The Mantra Book is a two-handed item now.



We’ve cheated a little with the skeletons - we use the guards’ animations.

We think that it’s wrong. We will make the skeletons’ animations by hand as something slow and clumsy. We should start it from scratch or to “break” and slow down the animations of human beings.

IV Conclusion

The most important news for us that the only thing lies between us and pre-Alpha on the dev-PTR - it’s one little bug in UE4 - wrong first-person animations (twitching), connected to the big maps (20 km x 20 km).

Later we will check the main bugs and errors to save the nerves of ROG Club members.

Also we remind that those who signed up the Alpha on the old site have to sign up the new one before 31/03/2019. Distribution of Alpha keys will take place through the new forum functional. It will be clear by the end of the month if we will continue the invitations.

Follow the update of pre-Alpha status.

We apologize for the delay of the report once again.

And it’s Monday so we will tell you ROGgoms up on Friday, friends!

Reign of Guilds Team