Just like in two previous updates, we concentrated on fixing issues and polishing the project. Some new mechanics:

  • Arena (1.1): 2x2 arena fights;
  • Improved the physics of the combat and magic systems;
  • New chat (not just UI/UX, but also the backend);
  • Party (1.1): experience distribution for party members;

ROG’oms up!

List of Changes 0.87.110 from 18/08/2022

Temporary changes:

  1. Turned on x5 experience rates;
  2. Translucent clouds on the map, showing an area that is not supported by the servers (moving into the clouds = falling through the landscape);
  3. Emergency respawn button;
  4. Skip tutorial step button;


  1. (Fixed) Crashes:
    • Server (Inventory);
    • Server (World Container);
    • Server (Buff System);
    • Client (Abilities);
  2. (Fixed) Seamless:
    • An issue with getting the information about the party after the transition;
  3. Main menu / chat:
    • (Added) Chat tabs can be moved;
    • (Added) Chat tabs can be closed via the context menu;
    • (Fixed) The duplication of hot keys assigned to chat tabs;
    • (Fixed) Chat tabs spawned infinitely;
    • (Fixed) Sending messages in the party chat;
    • (Fixed) The update of the character list in the characters menu was delayed from time to time;
  4. General:
    • (Added) Scheduled character back up system;
    • (Changed) Map (2.3):
      • Locations of vocation schools will be displayed on the map after joining them;
      • Map detailing system: compass mark appears at N meters before the object and disappears at N meters when approaching it;
    • (Changed) Max interact distance calculation system;
    • (Changed) Max interact distance calculation system;
    • (Changed) Increased the timeout to load the world;
    • (Changed) Item types for vendors;
    • (Fixed) Collision volumes that didn’t allow nicknames to show up;
  5. Character:
    • (Changed) Accumulation of HP / MP for PHYS and MAG lvl, respectively;
    • (Changed) Jump height increased from 1 m to 1.5 m;
    • (Changed) Refactored and optimized item requirements system;
    • (Fixed) Satiety – incorrect calculation of effects (both bonuses and maluses);
    • (Fixed) A “jump” when changing the height of the character (during creation) and, as a result, twitching of the character capsule during the game;
    • (Fixed) Characters stopped on opening UI windows;
    • (Fixed) Incorrect display of passive bonuses to defense from shields;
  6. Combat system / Magic:
    • (Changed) Combat system 3.1
      • Now one direction of attack corresponds to one direction of movement;
      • The number of sphercasts at the angle of attack is increased 1.5 times;
      • The number of spherecasts on piercing attacks has been reduced;
      • Sprint attack for 1H weapons is now a separate type of attack with its own +/-;
      • 1H attack speed with weapons is significantly slowed down;
      • Adjusted 2H attack speed of swords, axes, and maces;
    • Magic 2.2:
      • Added EOT buffs – HP/MP regeneration;
      • Added a delivery method that allows a character to apply technical buffs to another character;
      • When updating a buff, the order of buffs will not change;
      • Added a dispel effect on miss with (de)buffs;
      • Added a dissipation effect on hit with an unsuccessful application of the (de)buff;
      • Improved SFX/VFX setup for delivery methods and magic finishers;
      • Changed the shape of the affected area for AOE powders;
    • (Fixed) Blocking with a shield in PvE did not provide a bonus to defense;
    • (Fixed) Heating powders restored mana instead of spending;
    • (Fixed) Crash when using powders while sprinting (jittering);
    • (Fixed) Magic effects are no longer detached from hands when using powders;
    • (Fixed) Crossbow could sometimes be incorrectly attached to the character model;
  7. Party (1.1):
    • (Added) Experience distribution system for party members;
    • (Added) Distance influences experience distribution and party members’ nickname display;
    • (Changed) Service requests for parties;
    • (Fixed) Bug with clearing information about parties from the server;
  8. Tutorial:
    • (Added) A check if the tutorial was interrupted;
    • (Fixed) It was impossible to complete a tutorial stage with the stickman after dying and the stickman would still aggro from behind the door;
    • (Fixed) The code that checked whether the player has the items necessary to complete a stage;
  9. Loot/Items/Resources/Refinement/Craft:
    • (Changed) Resource/Herb spawners (1.3):
      • (Optimized) Refactored and optimized the server part;
      • (Changed) The timer for the next spawned item;
      • (Fixed) BT-0000317: Two and more items could spawn in the same spot;
      • (Fixed) Some items could fall through the ground when spawning;
      • (Fixed) BT-0000313 Herbs spawned with an incorrect rotation;
    • (Fixed) Issues with wrong items breaking;
    • (Fixed) Recipes in the recipe book were not displayed in the crafting window;
    • (Fixed) Fabric refiner did not refine fabric;
    • (Fixed) Wheat and barley no longer stack;
    • (Fixed) Merchants couldn't recognize item types, causing them to sell and buy at the wrong prices;
    • (Fixed) Skins can no longer be split into smaller skins;
    • (Fixed) BT-0000315: Infinite metals in the refinement functionality (merging);
    • (Fixed) BT-0000314: powders of different levels merged in inventory when brewing;
  10. AI:
    • (Changed) The wolf is no longer aggressive towards other mobs;
    • (Fixed) BT-0000312 AI could get stuck instantly after being spawned too close to static objects;
    • (Fixed) Issues with named mob spawning;
    • (Fixed) Named mobs respawn timer now starts from the moment they die;
    • (Fixed) The way wolfs’ dead bodies behaved after death;
    • (Fixed) BT-0000311: AI does not restore HP when returning to the spot;
  11. Visuals:
    • (Added) Different tones for jump sounds;
    • (Added) New tree LODs;
    • (Added) Phys. material for mountains;
    • (Changed) The night has become brighter by about 15%;
    • (Added) A tech buff that indicated that the player can redistribute attribute points (Tabula Rasa);
    • (Optimized) Landscape material;
    • (Optimized) Material of the border of the Seamless transition;
    • (Optimized) Material textures of all trees;
  12. UI/UX:
    • (Added) Priest's Window;
    • (Added) Context menu in the group window;
    • (Added) Context menu in the guild members window;
    • (Added) Cell effect when moving an item in the inventory;
    • (Added) Buff frames showing dispel resistance;
    • (Added) Smooth animations for zone information popup;
    • (Added) Information about the features of the item in the resource tooltip;
    • (Added) Different icons for professions in the crafting window;
    • (Added) Automatic focus input in the price field when adding an item to the trade;
    • (Changed) The position of the amount of currency in the inventory cell;
    • (Changed) Design of current location designation;
    • (Changed) Design of notification about entering a new location;
    • (Changed) Interface of some containers;
    • (Changed) Attribute window interface;
    • (Changed) Status bars in the attributes window;
    • (Changed) Chat UI;
    • (Changed) UI of castle filling window;
    • (Changed) UI of the crafting window;
    • (Changed) UI of adding items to the exchange window;
    • (Fixed) Recipe bag inventory display;
    • (Fixed) Priest's window no longer closes after buying indulgences;
    • (Fixed) The context menu was not hidden when clicking on the header;
    • (Fixed) Incorrect display of talers in the priest's window;
    • (Fixed) Shifting buttons in the quest log;
    • (Fixed) The character stopped when interacting with character windows;
    • (Fixed) Bug with player movement while chat is active;
    • (Fixed) Some buttons in the character editor were stretched out;
    • (Fixed) Bug of endless appearance of notifications about entering the zone;
    • (Fixed) Errors in displaying quest icons on the map;
    • (Fixed) A bug due to which there was no sound of footsteps on low graphics settings;
    • (Fixed) Crash when calling some powder tooltips;
    • (Fixed) Infinity icon in buff bar;
    • (Fixed) Shift+Alt interrupts input when entering text;

Game World

(Content and balance) General

  • Added:
    • New NPC banker that gives access to the character's personal vault;
    • In some locations, deer did not drop any loot;

(Environment) Oer County

  • Added:
    • Draft version of the county capital city;

(Environment) Daerkunn County

  • Added:
    • Locations of processors and processors in the city of Daerkunn:
      • Smelter;
      • Alloy smelter;
      • Leatherworker;
      • Tanner;
      • Carpenter;
      • Weaver;
      • Fabric weaver;
      • Brewer;
      • Miller;
    • Locations of merchants and merchants:
      • Tavern;
      • Weaponsmith;
      • Traveler;
    • Dummy NPC in the interiors of the city and arena;
    • An NPC banker who gives access to a personal vault. At the banks of Harbur and Daerkunn;