We have finally reached a new stage of our project - polishing and optimization. This means that patches will be released more often. The Normal server might even be updated without an announcement of a patch note. Or we will at least post a local patch note on the forum, like we did last week.

We appreciate the help ROG Club gives us with testing and bug reporting.

Access to the PTR server is closed for the community because the Normal server will not be far behind the PTR..

ROG’oms up!

List of Changes 0.86.064 from 15/07/2022

Added (temporary and technical):

  1. Translucent clouds covering the areas of the map that are not supported by the servers (if the player leaves it they will fall through the landscape);
  2. Emergency respawn button;
  3. Skip tutorial stage button;


  1. UI/UX:
    1. Information in food tooltips;
    2. Information in weapon tooltips;
    3. Information in powder tooltips;
    4. A separate frame for usable items;
    5. A limitation for the number of symbols that can be entered;
    6. A frame for items that a player adds to trade;
    7. The sound button state in main menu will be saved;
    8. The scale and position of the map will be saved between game sessions;
    9. The custom map on the flag will be saved between sessions;


  1. (Fixed) Crashes:
    1. Crash of the arena server;
    2. Server crash on saving some buffs;
    3. Client crash if there was an error with custom LODs load of cells;
  2. (Fixed) Seamless:
    1. Invisibility after the transition;
    2. Character respawning on another server after a transition;
    3. Capsule jitter after a transition;
    4. Pouch window logic (cells disappeared after the transition);
    5. P2P trade window logic;
    6. Quest Giver and Quest Journal windows logic;
    7. Issues with despawning buffs’ VFXs;
    8. Other characters had wrong appearance after the transition;
  3. Main Menu / AFK System / Chat:
    1. (Fixed) Issues with choosing/deleting character and quick launch from the main menu;
    2. (Fixed) Increased the time before being kicked after being AFK (5 min);
    3. (Fixed) AFK timer now registers mouse cursor movement;
    4. (Fixed) Other menus opened while typing in chat;
    5. (Fixed) The unsent messages are saved;
  4. Character:
    1. (Fixed) Uncontrollable instant height shift of the character capsule from their actual height to minimum and back;
    2. (Fixed) Character spawned being zero size (because of this it fell through the landscape);
    3. (Fixed) Character didn’t save correctly when logging out;
    4. (Fixed) Hotbar got reset on death;
    5. (Fixed) Attribute respec window logic (tabula rasa);
    6. (Fixed) A number of items didn’t save on saving/sending the character;
  5. Combat System / Magic:
    1. (Changed) Melee weapons physics;
    2. (Fixed) A number of issues, visual improvements and update of the physics of magic projectiles;
    3. (Fixed) Healing and mana restoration;
    4. (Fixed) Buffs were not deleted on death;
    5. (Fixed) Constant invulnerability after teleporting to the Arena;
    6. (Fixed) Character overweight;
  6. Tutorial:
    1. (Added) Tutorial saves player’s current stage after logging out / dying;
    2. (Fixed) Character death and respawning (including darkness after respawning);
    3. (Fixed) A new check for the dispel stage in the tutorial;
    4. (Fixed) Visual fog that affects brightness;
  7. Loot/Items/Resources/Refining/Craft
    1. (Fixed) Fixed the way randomness works in mob drops;
    2. (Fixed) Issues with picking up items while in the combat stance;
    3. (Fixed) Item requirements were ignored;
    4. (Fixed) Time of day requirements for crafting powders;
    5. (Fixed) Crafting powders consumed resources and didn’t give powders;
    6. (Fixed) Resource refining into first level materials;
    7. (Added) A separate slot for a recipe book;
    8. (Fixed) Issues with container widgets;
  8. Quests:
    1. (Fixed) Couldn’t complete quests of the types “Collect”, “Satisfaction”, and “Meet Requirements”;
    2. (Fixed) Quests of the “Kill” type were completed instantly after killing the objective;
    3. (Fixed) Quest indexation didn’t work correctly;
    4. (Fixed) Display of progress for the quests of “Satisfy Requirement’ type;
  9. AI:
    1. (Fixed) Incorrect behavior of AI when they reached spawner boundaries;
    2. (Fixed) Arrows stuck mid air after killing an AI;
    3. (Fixed) AI walked without animations in some cases;
  10. Visuals:
    1. (Changed) The brightness and saturation of the lighting;
    2. (Fixed) Incorrect movement of the sun and the moon (a day could pass in a minute of the in game time);
    3. (Fixed) Returned the SFX (vocal) of hits;
    4. (Fixed) SFX/VFX of magic, including correct consideration of rebase;
    5. (Fixed) On projectile impact there was the VFX/SFX of it unsuccessful dispersion;
    6. (Fixed) Self-cast magic now has a default self-casting crosshair;
    7. (Fixed) Window headers are the areas for window dragging;
    8. (Fixed) Modular system on character / NPC LODs;
    9. (Fixed) 1H weapon display on the back behind the shield;
    10. (Fixed) NPC animation jitter;
    11. (Fixed) Container shutting sound played twice;
    12. (Fixed) Character eyes disappeared when they got undressed;
    13. (Fixed) Hands in First Person (equipping any weapons activated the crossbow stance;
    14. (Fixed) Music in the appearance editor;
  11. UI/UX:
    1. (Fixed) Item tooltips;
    2. (Fixed) Sub-tooltip of item quality and color description for the item frame;
    3. (Fixed) Item tooltip didn’t disappear after closing P2NPC trading window;
    4. (Fixed) Base open coordinates for UI windows;
    5. (Fixed) Pop-up windows appeared behind all opened UI windows;
    6. (Fixed) Sounds on opening special containers (token bags, recipe bags, etc.)
    7. (Fixed) Display of the minimum sum of the Share Capital (10 000) when creating a guild;
    8. (Fixed) Guild menu;
    9. (Fixed) Party interface issues;
    10. (Fixed) Подложка технических дебафов;
    11. (Fixed) Теперь первом открытии карты она будет на максимальном отдалении;
    12. (Fixed) При максимальном отдалении карты метки игрока теперь не такие большие
    13. (Fixed) Окно выставления предметов на продажу (игрок-игрок);
    14. (Fixed) Party UI;
    15. (Fixed) Item widget in trade UI;
    16. (Fixed) Removed the information about item characteristics if it isn’t a piece of equipment;

Game World:

(Content and Balance) General

  • Added:
    • Enemy drops for:
      • Stickman;
      • Wolf;
      • Boar;
      • Bear;
      • Deer;
      • Hare
    • Resource refiners in the refineries (stone, wood);
    • Temporary post-refiners in Harbur (wood, leather, fabric);
    • Recipes for armor and weapons (T1-T2);
    • Named mob spawners (in the forest behind the lake in Harbur, in the forest behind the wheat farm, in the forest around the lumber camp near Daerkunn);
    • Librarian NPC in the library of Harbur;
  • Changed:
    • Enemy balance:
      • Stickman;
      • Wolf;
      • Boar;
      • Bear;
    • Weapon damage;
    • Hunger accumulation speed;
    • Increased the number of animals in the forest areas;
  • Fixed:
    • Zero and negative prices for merging / splitting materials;
    • Zero prices for resource refining;
    • The stickman in the tutorial was too strong;
    • Items didn’t wear when hitting or getting hit;
    • Animals in some locations didn’t move at all;;

(Environment) General

  • Added:
    • terrain objects for Birch and Broadleaf biomes;
  • Changed:
    • Increased the level of detail of roads;
  • Optimized:
    • LOD’s of all trees;
    • Landscape material;
    • Distance texture scaling function;

(Environment) Oer County

  • Added:
    • A village;

(Environment) East and West Continents

  • Changed:
    • Fixed lumber camps;
    • Moved spruce tree forests;