It was the longest period of silence about the condition of the project. But there’s also the largest patch note in its history.

At the end of February we decided to dedicate all our resources to development, without straying to make interim patch notes for the Normal server.

There are just 2 global mechanics left (Market Square, Count) before early access. This means that between tests we will not be developing any new mechanics. Instead, we will concentrate on polishing and creating new content.

Unfortunately, there are also some issues that we are completely aware about. But we will address them along the way, making regular updates for the Normal server.

Soon enough, there will be news about the road map and the distribution of access keys for technical Alpha. Its primary goal will be testing the server part of the project.

The “Game Mechanics” section is aggregated as much as possible. There are no details regarding changes/optimization.

We wish you good health and good weekends, ROG’oms up!

List of Changes 0.86.037 from 04/07/2022

Game Mechanics

Server Functionality | Backend

  • Added:
    • A manager for exchanging information directly between servers;
    • A manager for asynchronized creation/saving/deletion of the character and all its child systems (inventory, appearance, buffs, etc.);
    • Customizable Seamless zones, embedded Seamless zones;
    • Hotbar saving/loading system (database);
    • A custom logic for separation of the open world into servers;
    • A custom logic for loading the open world on the client;
  • Optimized:
    • Seamless transitions;
    • Network and data packages;
    • Authorization system;
    • Main menu requests and enter world logic;


  • Added:
    • AFK system (kicks players who have been inactive for too long);
    • Pooling system for deleting excess items in the area around the player;
    • Starting state tech buffs (no collision, immortality);
    • Siege resistance parameters for castles;
    • Black Areas system (no karma penalties, but characters drop items and lose experience);
  • Changed:
    • Improved the game settings system;
    • Loading screen system;
    • Social animations can be interrupted. They also have a cooldown;
    • Requirements for social animations;
  • Optimized:
    • Transitions between tutorial stages;

Combat System:

  • Added:
    • Charge system for melee weapon attacks;
    • Burn&Drain system for HP/MP/Energy in any combinations;
  • Changes:
    • Damage formula;
    • The calculation of the bonus/malus for hitting various body parts;


  • Added:
    • DQB (Dynamic Quest Balance) system: the same as DVB but for quests;
    • Personal DVB system: price change for a single character;
  • Changed:
    • Trade Tax: refactored and integrated into NPCs (craftsmen);
    • DVB: refactored, integrated into NPCs (craftsmen, priests, banker);

Vocations and Vocation Abilities:

  • Added:
    • Assassin: Invisibility, Poison, Throat Cut;
    • Barbarian: Telekinesis, Berserk, War Cry;
    • Thief: Theft, Elusiveness, Impersonation;
    • Blacksmith: Craft, Hit the Anvil;
    • Gladiator: Low Blow;
    • Templar: Time Shift, Blink;
    • Master of Steel: Whirl of Blades, Steel Onslaught;
    • Weaponsmith: Craft, a set of abilities to burn/drain HP/MP/Energy;
    • Hunter: Double Arrow, Reload;
    • Archmage: Levitation;
    • Druid: Power of Nature, Gather Party;
    • Inquisitor: Shackles, Arson;
    • Enchanter: Craft, Rusty Armor;


  • Added:
    • Crafting system 1.0;
    • Enchantment system 1.0;
    • Item Quality system 1.0;
    • Recipe Quality system (crafting and enchantments) 1.0;
    • Controlled Randomness system for determining the quality of the items appearing in the world (vendors, loot, craft);
    • Post-processing system for resources and some materials;
    • Multi-level powder brewing system that is used to create concentrated powders (increases their dispel resistance);
    • Spawning and refining system for provisions, including the Innkeeper NPC with unique DVB;
    • Regular item spawner;
  • Changed:
    • The way resources appear in the world and get refined;
    • Drop chances on death depends on the type of item;
  • Optimized:
    • The cooldown of crafting abilities in the crafting window;


  • Added:
    • A knight with castle guard and their own spawner type;
    • World boss spawner (for named nests);
    • Combining several loot presets inside a single mob spawner;
  • Changed:
    • The way AI behavior tree works;
    • Ecosystem;
    • The behavior and animations of the bear, deer, and boar;
  • Optimized:
    • All types of spawners;
    • Navigation;
    • AI movement controller;

Arena 1.0:

  • Added:
    • Arena leaderboard system;
    • Active and inactive requests;
    • Arena battle ending when timer finishes;
    • Arena battle can end in a draw;
    • Sound effects for Wins/Loses;

World Map and Compass:

  • Added:
    • A map that depends on the quality of the game item (“Map”) that the player carries;
    • Map legend with settings and display of object on the map;
    • Location icons on the map;
    • Display of objects (incl. NPCs) on the compass;
    • Quest Tracking system. On the map and compass;
    • Map flagging system;

Game World


  • Added:
    • Mountains all over Dwarrhan;
    • Forests on the East and West continents;
  • Changed:
    • 256 cells of the open world were divided into 2-4 sublevels, depending on how many objects there are in the cell;

Daerkunn County

  • Added:
    • The underground location of a mine (not available for exploration for the time being);
    • A new castle;
    • Resource spawners (metals, stones, wood);
    • Forest Mob spawners (under heavy testing);
  • Changed:
    • The Archmage's tower was moved to the forest near the city;
    • Vegetation in the city and the village (more have been added);
    • The forests were re-generated;
  • Fixed:
    • The city river;
    • Due to drastic changes in topography, several locations were moved: a sawmill, a logging site, and a mason;
    • Some roads;
    • Moved the ruins where the Master of Steel Vocation teacher is located;
    • Moved a campsite
    • Reworked the principle of spawning forests;

Gwasgar County

  • Added:
    • 4 logging sites;
    • 5 sawmills;
    • 4 masonries;
    • 6 quarries;
    • 6 mines;
    • Forest;

Tanlud County

  • Added:
    • County border;
    • 2 quarries;
    • 2 mines;
    • 4 farms in the county;
    • 2 masonries;
    • 4 sawmills;
    • 3 logging sites;
    • Forests;

Gwaal County

  • Added:
    • County border;
    • 3 masons;
    • 3 quarries;
    • 5 logging sites;
    • 5 farms;


  • Added:
    • Item repair interface;
    • Armor and weapon crafting interface;
    • New icons;
    • New settings menu;
    • New game menu;
    • New party interface;
    • Various sound effects for the arena;
    • Various sound effects for the quest log;
    • Key binding menu;
    • Auto-assignment of graphics settings;
    • Icons of professions and skills;
    • Priest (karma restoration) interface;
    • Ability to reset graphics settings;
    • Standard values for graphics settings;
    • Background for numbers in the hotbar cell;
    • Added logic for prioritizing widget windows brought up by the player;
    • Reduction of large numbers in the hotbar;
    • Custom markers on the map;
    • The sequence for closing interface windows when pressing Esc;
    • The map now syncs with the compass;
    • If the player tries to open the map outside the main world, they get a corresponding message;
    • New system for item highlighting;
    • New item icon frames that reflect the item’s quality;
    • Additional pop-up windows can now be closed by pressing Esc (arena battle invite, item stack separation);
    • A pop-up that tells the player they should wait after selecting the option “Auto” in the settings;
    • The values of sliders can now be entered manually;
    • New map location icons;
    • New icons (food, locations, materials);
    • Borders on the map;
    • Tabs in the settings menu;
    • Missing control elements;
    • A button to mark quests on the map;
    • Highlighting for map icons when clicking on them;
    • Map legend;
    • Sound effects for the map interface;
    • Map filters;
    • A window appearing when being kicked out;
    • Saving map filters;
    • Click sounds for map elements;
    • Tooltips for technical and regular buffs/debuffs;
  • Changed:
    • Refactored castle filling widget;
    • On opening the castle filling widget, it automatically chooses the weakest elixir the player has;
    • Refactored arena filters;
    • All arena opponent filters were finished;
    • Vocation icons;
    • Arena menu;
    • The position of the settings menu for different situations;
    • Removed the settings button from the game interface;
    • The position of indicators of the number of items and their levels in the inventory cell;
    • The visual values of the sliders. Now the default value is 100% in the settings;
    • Pose when heating up mantras;
    • Complete refactor of the map and the ways a player can interact with it;
    • The highlighted items update as the player moves (the ones they approach get the highlighting, the ones they move away from lose it);
    • UI that separates item icons in the inventory;
    • UI of guild invite;
    • Better interaction with the logout timer;
    • Better interaction with the “Accept Arena Battle” window;
    • The overall design and the width of the marks on the compass;
    • Map icons system;
    • New castle icon;
    • Adjusted the position of tooltips for money and bags;
    • Added tooltips in the craft menu;
    • Quality frames for items in the trade menus;
    • The position of the player character marker on the map;
    • New tooltip when hovering mouse over crafting materials;
    • Brand-new UI for resource refining;
    • The map won’t move beyond the screen;
    • New window with the information about objects on the map;
    • Updated some tooltips;
    • New karma slots in the inventory;
    • The way the client receives information about objects on the map;
    • Some adjustments to text in the HP bar;
    • Rain sounds get quieter from behind the walls;
    • Improved the algorithm behind map reset;
    • Player character no longer pants the moment it spawns;
    • Debuffs window adjusts to the number of active buffs;
    • FOV when aiming;
    • Bank interface;
    • Party interface;
    • Quest journal interface;
  • Fixed:
    • Various bugs in the settings menu;
    • Wrong volumes in some music tracks;
    • Several issues with the map;
    • There will be no more unrelated information in the tooltips of items;
    • All widgets related to trading were given a similar look;
    • Improved the way interfaces interact with timers;
    • Issues with buttons in the map window;
    • Incorrect values of weight in the tooltips;
    • Map position after clicking the “Reset Map” button;
  • Optimized:
    • Duplicated value conversion code for inventory cells;


  • Added:
    • Some NPCs can turn their heads towards the player;
    • Smoother transition and ending animation when the NPC looks at the player;
    • Distance fog in the main world;
    • Splash effects for the waterfall in the city;
    • Sound effects for the arena;
    • Ability to turn off volumetric fog;
    • Ability to turn off the reflections of clouds in the water;
    • Game menu closes on pressing Esc;
    • LOD for the mountain;
    • New master material for pickable plants;
    • Close and open animations for mantras;
    • A smooth color transition for the fog as the time of the day changes;
    • Weather system;
    • Rain sound effects;
    • Master material for trees;
    • Visible clothes in the appearance editor;
    • Added separate animations for jumping while moving;
    • Visual interaction of the player character with vegetation and water;
    • The vegetation in swamps and shore regions;
    • Brand-new roads;
    • New water material;
    • Wetness for stuff on shores;
  • Changed:
    • Slightly changed the lighting in the appearance editor;
    • The game will work with DX11 by default;
    • Increased the texture streaming limit;
    • The position of the crossbow bolt when reloading;
    • The effects of candlelights and campfires in braziers;
    • Tree collisions were replaced with capsule collisions;
    • The nameplate can become invisible during some animations;
    • The way distance fog works;
    • The color of distance fog;
    • Landscape LODs;
    • The animations of Trolls and Skeletons were completely reworked;
    • Visual improvements for guard models;
    • Replaced the models of rocks that spawn over the open areas;
    • Reworked some foliage types;
    • New slopes texture;
    • A small tweak of the vegetation colors;
    • Draw height of the distance fog;
    • After a SEAMLESS transition, the camera switches back to the mode it was in before the transition;
    • The way some materials functions work;
    • Updated and optimized some materials of forest vegetation;
    • Weather;
    • General lighting;
    • Settings menu;
    • Cloud reflections;
    • Increased the level of details of some textures;
    • Some visual errors with buff effects;
    • New T1 roads;
    • Updated some LODs;
  • Optimized:
    • Character materials;
    • Drawing eyebrows, nose hair and eyelashes;
    • The hairs inside characters’ noses no longer cast shadows;
    • Improved the logic of NPC head turn while talking to a player;
    • Foliage types on the Birch forest biome;
    • The flame of the wall torches;
    • The collisions of the houses in villages;
    • The collision of tents;
    • The draw distance of the particles in the world;
    • Replaced the outdated particle systems in some light sources;
    • The grass generated on the landscape;
    • Some particles;
    • Deleted the dirt layer from forest biomes;
    • Some tweaks of forest vegetation types: deleted the small objects that merge with the ground and have little effect on the visual (leaves, cones, etc.), similar objects (branches, sticks), all forests now use the same models;
  • Fixed:
    • A sudden “jump” of clouds on an abrupt change of weather;
    • Ghost-like grass;
    • Wrong resolution of some icons;
    • Issues with the names of map objects;
    • Issues with some interfaces;
    • Issues when moving the map;
    • Issues when clicking on an object on the map;
    • Some textures;
    • Tree stumps and fallen trunks will not shake with the wind;


  1. Incorrect calculation of the cooldown for the preparation of a charged attack with a two-handed weapon;
  2. Refactored the logic of saving the game settings in order to increase the stability;
  3. The formula for the automatic calculation of the resources needed to craft a powder worked incorrectly;
  4. The stickman in the tutorial could aggro a player in the next room;
  5. A bug where the stage for filling buff slots in the tutorial could not be completed if the slots were already filled before it started;
  6. If a player leaves the tutorial before the end, all their reservations (room, dummies) get canceled;
  7. Token bag widget would stay brought up forever;
  8. Checking the version of the build in the client menu;
  9. Queue server command for Seamless transition didn't work correctly;
  10. Problems with the tutorial confirmation window after creating a new character;
  11. Issues creating/saving character appearance;
  12. Some objects in the tutorial were concealed by invisible doors;
  13. Bugs in the craft windows;
  14. The confirmation window in the arena;
  15. Sound effects on character spawn;
  16. Unnecessarily bright lights emitted by the Stickmen and some other lights in the world;
  17. Additional hair color did not save;
  18. Wrong logout window name;
  19. Issues with extending the game window while playing in the window mode;
  20. NPC sitting animations;
  21. When picking up many items simultaneously the sound effect got amplified making a deafening sound;
  22. The music won’t restart after changing its volume in the settings;
  23. No music would play in the tutorial level;
  24. Stickman’s death now has a sound effect;
  25. The stickman inside one of the storerooms could respawn before a player left the room;
  26. Music volume couldn’t be changed via the game settings;
  27. Players could become invisible;
  28. Entering a storeroom in the tutorial level made the lights turn off;
  29. Accepting a quest in the tutorial before the corresponding tutorial stage made the stage impossible to complete;
  30. If, while writing something in the chat, the player switched the language, the focus from the chat was reset, and it was necessary to click on it again to continue;
  31. Fixed a number of bugs connected to energy consumption (during jumping, frequent dodges, sprinting, etc.);
  32. Sometimes weapons were attached to the character incorrectly;
  33. Incorrect cooldown indicators on the hotbar;
  34. Damage over time effects could drain energy;
  35. When picking up items in a full inventory, they disappeared;
  36. The on-hit damage function did not work on the server;
  37. A bug with distance triggers that caused them to activate randomly;
  38. Formula for repairing items;
  39. Removed forest from under the mountains;
  40. Old settings menu in the character editor;
  41. Crossbow bolt had an incorrect position while reloading;
  42. HP bars were visible through character interface;
  43. AIs did nothing after the first attack;
  44. Teleportation removed overweight;
  45. Cooldown indicators were reset after changing equipment;
  46. After dying during the Defend state, AIs kept moving around their target;
  47. Black market widget did not update. Items that have already been bought did not disappear from the window, although they could not be bought either;
  48. Bug with non-disappearing slowdown visual effect;
  49. Ability cooldown indicators’ bugs;
  50. Master of Steel’s ability "Kamae" did not block jumps;
  51. Error when resetting language;
  52. Distance fog shone through the fade out of the loading screen;
  53. The menu did not close on ESC;
  54. Some items were missing icons;
  55. Icons of equipped items were translucent;
  56. Several issues causing freezes when moving around the game world;
  57. Heating the powders did not require mana;
  58. The formula for calculating rare metals that appear when processing ore did not work correctly;
  59. Fixed camera movement when jumping if it is prohibited;
  60. Backgrounds in the hotbar were displayed even if there were no numbers there;
  61. Distance fog no longer glows at night;
  62. Compass related bugs;
  63. Issues related to bracers;
  64. Transparent surfaces were visible through the distance fog;
  65. Issues related to the main menu interfaces;
  66. Fractional values in the audio settings;
  67. Issues related to sliders in the game settings;
  68. The transition effect between seamless zones turned off too early;
  69. Hitting a player who’s quitting will give no experience;
  70. Issue with several players teleporting to the same place;
  71. Issue with choosing a currency when trading;
  72. Issues with tooltips when trading;
  73. The positions of icons behind the compass;
  74. Some gloves were invisible;
  75. No indication of amount in the tooltip of an item;
  76. Icons on the map would scale indefinitely;
  77. Issues with timers (on log out, etc.);
  78. Issues with player-player trade;
  79. Issues with some sound effects;
  80. Some mobs did not consider their opponents as enemies;
  81. Issues with the replication of player character stats;
  82. Issues with the display of stats in widgets;
  83. Spells of certain types could not be used on self;
  84. Spells of a certain type dealt no damage to other players;
  85. Issues with dummies in the tutorial level;
  86. Player character wouldn’t be loaded sometimes after a transition between servers;
  87. A wrong notification about a level up would appear;
  88. An issue with a transition from the tutorial level to the world;
  89. Wrong character location in the character selection menu;
  90. Player character head jigger when moving camera up or down;
  91. The player character stayed immortal after death;
  92. Head jittering;
  93. The way the crosshair looked on some mobs;
  94. EQS bug;
  95. Floating sun issue;
  96. The character didn’t respawn correctly after dying in the tutorial;
  97. Self-cast crosshair in abilities that can only be cast of self;
  98. Some objects had no reaction to hitting with a weapon;
  99. When returning to the spawn point, AIs walked backwards;
  100. The name of the player location in the character window;
  101. Servers shutting down when entering areas around castles;
  102. The display of checks and request during client authorization;
  103. Server algorithm issue during character saving;
  104. An error in the wear and tear system (current durability wasn’t calculated correctly).