Hello everyone!

This January turned out to be a surprisingly productive month. Apart from adding some new mechanics and the habitual polish of those already in the game, it will be impossible not to notice our new approach to the lighting. It made all the light in the game considerably stabler. Not to mention up to 60% more FPS for the testers and members of ROG Club.

Besides, we added the locations for Vocations and the quests to join them.

Stay in good health, and happy weekends. ROG’oms up

List of Changes 0.71.925 from 27/01/2022

Game Mechanics


  • Added:
    • Energy usage system 2.0 (that takes into account character’s carried weight);
    • The system that checks whether a player is online or offline (for game mechanics);
    • Personal messages in chats (incomplete);
  • Changed:
    • The crafting station was divided into several objects depending on the Vocation;
  • Optimized:
    • Increased FPS from 30 up to 50% depending on the graphics preset;
    • The network part of the items held in left and right hands (attacks, damage, blocking, etc.);
    • Improved the logic of displaying equipped items on the player character;

Buffs 2.0:

  • Complete refactor of the (de)buff system;
  • New timer system for (de)buffs;
  • Complete refactor of the visuals of applying (de)buffs;
  • (De)buffs remain applied after relogging the game;
  • New types of (de)buffs:
    • Timers add up;
    • Effects add up;
    • Rewrites other (de)buffs;
  • New dispel system and the way it interacts with (de)buffs;

Items, Repairing, Crafting, Enchanting

  • Added:
    • The system for calculations that determine the stage of crafting
    • Vocation abilities and the tool that affects the stage of crafting;
    • Item repair system;
    • Item restoration system;

Quest System (1.0)

  • Fixed:
    • The error in the way the quests were saved led to critical errors;
    • Some bugs in the operation of several quests;

Game World

Daerkunn County

  • Added:
    • The location for the Necromancer Vocation (a shack in the middle of the forest near the mines to the south of Daerkunn city);
    • The location for the Inquisitor Vocation (ancient ruins not far from Harbur);
    • The location for the Crusader Vocation (a camp to the southeast of the Arena);
    • The location for the Gladiator Vocation (in the Arena);
    • Quests for joining Vocations and corresponding quest givers:
      • Weaponmaster;
      • Blacksmith;
      • Enchanter;
      • Archmage;
      • Thief;
      • Master of Steel;
      • Barbarian;
      • Assassin;
      • Druid;
      • Hunter;
      • Necromancer;
      • Inquisitor;
    • Quests to find the NPCs that give quests to join the Vocations. Their quest giver is located near the portal in the middle of Harbur village;
  • Fixed:
    • Minor changes and fixes in Castle 3;
    • The scale of candles in the light sources;


  • Added:
    • Tooltips in the crafting window;
    • Tooltips in the quest window;
    • Players can scroll through the number of items to craft, instead of writing it manually;
    • Item repair interface;
  • Changed:
    • Some number limitations in the crafting window;
    • The size and location of the icons in the quest menu;
    • The size of text on the button for choosing recipes in the crafting;
  • Fixed:
    • The player couldn’t choose the level of the items to craft;
    • The cells with ingredients shifted when entering large numbers;
    • Quest window remained brought up when players walked away from the quest giver;
    • Players were led to the Appearance Editor after pressing Enter World;
    • Various minor fixes of the UI;


  • Added:
    • Complete refactor of the approach to lighting;
  • Changed:
    • Decreased the brightness of dusk and dawn;
    • Decreased the brightness of fire in the world;
    • Standard music volume set to 50;
    • All sounds set to 0 during loading screens;
    • Step sounds;
  • Fixed:
    • Lights would suddenly switch off on the tutorial level;
  • Optimized:
    • Landscape material;
    • Grass material;
    • The general optimization of the project (deleted “heavy” models, limited the max size of textures, deleted material functions that made them more complex, etc.);
    • Draw distances of objects in the world;
    • The shadows of the sun and the moon in the city;
    • Clouds;
    • Draw distances of the pickupable items;


  1. The crossbow could shoot two times without reloading;
  2. The two-handed alternative attack could be performed at any moment without preparation;
  3. Character repeated one-handed alternative attack’s animation incessantly;
  4. The error in the calculations of stamina usage of jumps;
  5. Player character would become invisible at the start of the game;
  6. Issues with character initialization;
  7. Issues with the energy use of sprinting;
  8. Turning on and off the recycle window did not remove the materials offered for a resource. As a result, players could get an almost infinite amount of materials at the cost of 1 resource;
  9. Several instances of the same recipe would be displayed as several separate recipes in the crafting menu;
  10. Tutorial widgets were only visible to GMs;
  11. Text background of the tutorial widget would pop up even if there was no text to show;
  12. The buff check stage in the tutorial was updated to support the new buff system;
  13. Malfunction of the queue server;
  14. An error in the formula of item wear;
  15. The door to the storeroom in the tutorial prevented objects from being drawn correctly;
  16. The issues in the crafting menu’s logic;
  17. On entering the storeroom in the tutorial the light switched off for a second;
  18. The tutorial dummies did not react to the two-handed weapon’s special attack;