Hi everyone!

During this time, we have focused on fixes and the visual part of our game, as well as the balance of previously written mechanics, which have already been tested on our own.

Have a great weekend, ROG’oms up!

Change list from 10/11/2021

Game mechanics


  • EPIC:
    • (Seamless) Support for teleportation (using tokens) and forced player transition (e. g. on character death);
    • (Seamless и ServerManager) “Zone” system. It gives every zone one or more allocated servers and the ability to distribute players between those;
  • Added:
    • (1.5) Character progression system;
    • Character “noise” system - character makes noise depending on the weight of their equipment;
  • Changed:
    • Refactored the way character’s hot bar is being saved: it will be stored in a database now;

Castle Filling System (1.0):

  • Any player can fill a castle (start its white phase) with an elixir:
    • there are 2 types of elixir: regular and royal, each subdivided into 12 levels;
    • elixirs have requirements;
  • The player chooses the time when the white phase ends;
  • Then they choose an elixir that suits the time, castle type and some other factors;
  • These parameters depend on the elixir the player chose:
    • How big is the deviation of the time when the white phase ends from the time planned;
    • The length of the next red phase and its end-time deviation;
    • The rate of the land tax - the longer the white phase, the smaller the tax;

Food System (1.0):

  • Added:
    • Overeating (without visualisation);
  • Fixed:
    • You couldn’t heal satiety HP bonus;

Combat System (2.9)

  • Added:
    • New logic for checking hits at a shield that uses Physical Assets instead of simple collision;
    • System for interrupting the attacks with different types of shields including magic shields from obelisks;
    • Sound and camera shake system;
  • Changed:
    • PvE will use a simplified version of block logic;
    • Deleted unused logic from weapon classes;
    • Distance calculation for 2H alternative attack;
    • Significantly reconsidered weapon attack speed;
  • Fixed:
    • 2H alternative attach was visually interrupted regardless of the type of obstruction it hit;


  • Changed:
    • Stages with powders (minimized the number of necessary powders and actions to complete these stages)
    • Added mantras as an unnecessary for completion part of the tutorial;
    • Tutorial dummies will have shorter intervals between rotations;
  • Fixed:
    • Mobs couldn’t deal damage to the player in the tutorial level;
    • Incorrect date;
    • Incorrect sun rotation;
    • Deleted the “tutorial system is not completed” banner
    • Typos;
    • Unfinishable powder stage;

AI Component (1.0)

  • AI Component is a new logic that controls the behavior of AIs:
    • Optimized the inherited elements and deleted the unused ones;
    • Added smart state transition. It changes states depending on previous states. For instance: Ai will make a transition from Defend to Attack if before Defend state it was in the Attack state;
    • New reaction system. We can add any number of conditions, when they all are met, the AI reacts to it. E. g.: we can set that if the AI receives over 300 damage and its health drops below 10% it will deal 2 times more damage with its next attacks;
    • AI now works directly with our faction system to detect enemies;
    • Refactored the agro system;
    • Refactored turn logic. Now turn speed will be static;
    • Reactions and triggers will have changeable presets;

Game World

Daerkunn County

  • Added:
    • 4 ancient ruins;
    • Abandoned camp;
    • Camp;
  • Changes:
    • A considerable rearrangement of Harbur village (starting village):
      • The blacksmith, the weaponsmith, and the tavern are placed just outside the isle where players are first spawned in the world: now new players will more easily find them and buy whatever gear they need to hit the road;
      • Added buildings and places for NPC and objects that present new gameplay mechanics (library, bank, crafting pot, etc.);
      • Added the blank buildings for future mechanics and necessary NPCs (the houses of the skinner, jeweller, auction houses, alchemical shop);
  • Fixed:
    • Visual and technical issues;


  • Added:
    • Temporary placeholder for castle filling window;
  • Changed:
    • The player interface was rendered over the main menu;
    • Couldn’t interact with quest interface to take a quest or close the window;
    • Position of some interface elements;


  • Added:
    • New landscape and procedural grass material;
    • New character sound system (footsteps, hits, etc.);
  • Changed:
    • Turned off unnecessary post-process effects;
    • The sun will rise in the east and set in the west;
    • Decreased the brightness and size of the moon;
    • The speed of clouds;
    • The sun and the moon will move smoother across the sky;
    • The brightness of lamp posts;
    • The intensity of fire particles glow;
    • FXAA removed from graphics settings;
    • The system of 1st person camera shake;
    • Over 400 new sounds for the player character;
  • Fixed:
    • Errors in materials;
    • Errors in particle systems;
    • The positions of item descriptions: it will render over other windows;
    • Absence of some materials;
    • Sky flickering at some camera angles;
    • Absence of leg animation when casting spells on self;
    • Incorrect position of mantra VFX;
    • Wrong color of blood;
    • Character materials in the appearance editor;
    • Incorrect rendering of decals spawned by hits on character’s arms;
    • Incorrect rendering of decals on animal and human models;
    • Errors of appearance editor: camera rapidly changing its position, absence of sound effects when clicking on buttons, absence of music, etc.;


  1. Herbs (the resource) spawned upside down;
  2. Melee weapon dealt no damage to mobs;
  3. Many widgets didn’t work correctly: buttons were not clickable, couldn't scroll down texts, etc.;
  4. Chat window was rendered over the main menu;
  5. Players could get stuck between the arena pit and environment collisions;
  6. Equipping and unequipping weapons didn’t sync up well with the animation;
  7. Experience for magic attacks didn’t work correctly;
  8. Clouds jittering;
  9. Artefacts of shadows on grass;
  10. The logic for icons and character abilities;
  11. Shadows from magic effects in character’s hands;
  12. In the arena, a character could get the criminal buff for hitting other players (despite both being inside the arena pit);
  13. Spell VFX didn’t rotate after casting the respecting spell;
  14. Incorrect hitreacts when using shield;
  15. Rendering of the crosshair when using mantras and obelisks;
  16. When teleporting, the player’s screen will fade until the environment around them loads completely;
  17. Couldn’t equip the bag with a double click;
  18. Dying in an arena pit characters dropped items that anyone could pick up afterwards;
  19. Shields didn’t deflect the damage dealt by mobs;
  20. The camera replayed the camera shake when the hit animation played backwards;
  21. Shields and obelisks didn’t work correctly;
  22. Spell VFX didn’t fade out in the distance;
  23. When changing equipment in 3rd person mode, character 1st person model appeared, whereas the right one disappeared;
  24. If the player didn’t have enough stamina for the 2H alternative attack, the stamina would still deplete but the attach wouldn’t play;
  25. Character flew up when teleporting to a place where another character was standing;