Hi everyone!

During this time, we have focused on fixes and the visual part of our game, as well as the balance of previously written mechanics, which have already been tested on our own.

Have a great weekend, ROG’oms up!

List of changes 0.67.811 from 19/10/2021

Game mechanics


  • Added:
    • Tag system for buffs. It’s a part of the magic and buff systems refactor;
    • Start preset for player stats and equipment;
    • An option that toggles off and on the ability to deal damage to players (damage dealt in PvP, that is);
  • Changed:
    • Queue server for SEAMLESS transitions;
    • Stats Сomponent was divided to support different classes;
    • Crossbow reloading montage will sync with its cooldown;
    • Refactored turn rate calculation algorithm for mobs;
    • Refactored interactive doors;
    • Portals and tokens system;
    • The tokens will lead to particular portals, instead of to any portal within a continent;
  • Optimized:
    • Improved the code that updates the parameters of powder heating;;

Castle Filling System (1.0):

  • 3 phases of castle progression:
    • Blue:
      • Common karma rules;
      • The castle can’t be captured;
      • ALL the gates are invincible and surrounded by a blue sphere;
    • Red:
      • Active war zone;
      • Fort gates have no spheres;
      • Castle gates have red spheres and are invincible until forts haven’t been burnt;
    • White:
      • Active war zone;
      • The castle can be captured;
      • You can use an elixir and make the castle “blue” - i.e. fill it;
      • Castle gates have white spheres and are invincible until forts haven’t been burnt;
  • Elixir prototype;

Food System (1.0):

  • The parameter of satiety that affects character main stats;
  • New items - food. Eat them to restore your satiety;
  • Satiety depletion (from 0 to 100):
    • 1 point of satiety per minute played;
    • For restoring 1 point of stamina;
    • For buffs;

Combat System (2.9)

  • Combat system physics:
    • 1H and 2H weapons were divided into different types (sword/axe/mace);
    • For instance, attacks made with a 2H mace are considerably slower than those made with a 2H sword. Not only in terms of CD but also in terms of physics;
  • Changed:
    • We started the overhaul of combat system sound design;
    • Algorithm of attack distance calculation (to consider the centrifugal force);
  • Fixed:
    • Damage formula that calculated the damage dealt with alternative attacks hitting head;
    • Stamina cost for alternative attacks;


  • Changed:
    • Progress hints for certain stages (“Hits: 1/4");
    • Location design was edited to be more player-friendly;
    • Cut down the number of stages necessary to complete the tutorial;
    • Improved the lighting, also the time of day in this location syncs up with the time in Dwarrhan;
  • Optimized:
    • Completely refactored tutorial operation logic;
    • The structure of the stages was significantly changed so that designers and developers could much easier fix issues and make changes;
    • All stages algorithms were placed in separate object classes;
  • Fixed:
    • Now players will have 2 adjacent training dummies to practice;
    • Deleted meshes with obtrusive collisions;
    • Dummies would start rotating infinitely if the player to whom they were allocated logged off;
    • Skipping all stages did not finish the tutorial;

Game World

Daerkunn County

  • Added:
    • Farm near the village of Harbur and Daekunn;
    • Ancient ruins in the vicinity of Daerkunn;
    • A bank in Harbur;
  • Changes:
    • A considerable rearrangement of Harbur Village, that is supposed to make the village more understandable for new players;
    • Reworked Stickman’s animations and behavior;
  • Fixed:
    • Some technical and visual issues;


  • Added:
    • Interface for castle filling functionality;
    • Interface to help track tutorial stages and information about them;
  • Changed:
    • Interface for the quest log;
    • Interface for accepting/turning in quests;
    • Active interface windows will always appear over all others;


  • Added:
    • A new landscape material;
    • The bolt will be visible when reloading the crossbow;
    • Capsule shadows from indirect lighting for characters;
    • Placed new lighting at the training level;
    • Contact shadows for some objects;
    • Missing recoil animation for crossbows;
    • New sky, weather and lighting system in the world;
    • Godrays for the sun;
    • Volumetric fog in the world;
    • Added smooth rotation of the character in the appearance editor;
    • Added animation in the character editor;
    • A slight displacement of the magic VFX in the hands of the player during movement;
    • Added smooth transition between different modes of eye adaptation for different times of day;
    • Added adaptive brightness compensation for the night time;
  • Changed:
    • Vegetation (grass) for all landscape layers;
    • Tweaked texture colors to better match each other and the surrounding world;
    • Character skin material;
    • Motion blur is now disabled as default;
    • The position of some meshes in the tutorial;
    • DF models for some objects for the correct display of shadows in training;
    • Lighting in the appearance editor;
    • Sun flares are off by default;
    • Removed unnecessary post-process effects from the map;
  • Optimized:
    • Improved the function that allows the character’s hands and weapons to be displayed in first person, on top of other objects;
    • Removing unnecessary objects in the character editor;
  • Fixed:
    • Removed grass models that had display issues in the game;
    • Glowing hairs on characters;
    • Shading skin materials for characters;
    • Distortion of the geometry of melee weapons while moving;
    • Offset of legs in the tutorial level for a player character from the first person;
    • Displaying the material of the crossbow for the player in the first person;
    • Crossbow bolt display for other players in multiplayer;
    • Twitching and distortion of shadows from some objects;
    • Launching Steam VR on game launch;
    • Crossbow bolt on the loaded crossbow from 3rd person perspective;
    • Incorrect displacement of some weapons from the first person;
    • Magic rendering;
    • Materials for magic VFX;
    • Displacement of camera animations;
    • Errors overwriting eye adaptation values;
    • Materials for magic effects;
    • Incorrect bone position for some weapon models;
    • Sky flickering at some camera angles;
    • Absence of materials on some models;
    • Fixed item tooltip positioning: now it will only appear over other windows;


  1. (SEAMLESS) removed invisibility after the transition;
  2. (SEAMLESS) camera bug after the transition;
  3. (SEAMLESS) display of quest log after the transition;
  4. (SEAMLESS) display of inventory after the transition;
  5. After Seamless transition, lighting in the world breaks down;
  6. Public objects can be picked up many times in a row, even though they visually disappear;
  7. Incorrect display of the HP bar;
  8. AOE spells in rooms were covered by ceilings and therefore did not work correctly;
  9. When taking damage from powder heating failure in the city, the player received a Criminal Debuff, and the guards attacked him;
  10. You could start two battles in a row in the arena as one character;
  11. Crossbow reload error when using zoom;
  12. The character played the animation of jumping with a weapon after having already unequipped it;
  13. The guild rank was not displayed;
  14. Exit from the tutorial map happened after a delay:
  15. At the start, the cursor mode was turned on by default;
  16. The character could become invisible;
  17. With the interface windows open, moving the cursor could make the character's hands move from the first-person perspective;
  18. On the tutorial map, heating the powders consumed two powders;
  19. The owner of the castle was not updated after it had been captured;
  20. The character's body at the start of the game moved forward until the first equipment of the weapon;
  21. (SEAMLESS) The transition caused an endless cooldown;
  22. The Criminal widget was interfering with interface interaction;
  23. If you ran out of powder in a quick slot, it broke the equip and unequip of the weapon;
  24. Crossbow did not start reloading when equipped from a quick slot;
  25. New guild members were not visible in the rooster;
  26. If you die on the tutorial map, the wrong character appeared;
  27. Twitching of equip and unequip animations;
  28. Guards were sometimes spawned on roofs;
  29. Dying on the Arena would drop items from the inventory;
  30. Incorrectly displayed body in 1st person mode;
  31. Couldn’t equip the bag with a double-click;
  32. In the material map, characters gained experience for hitting other characters;
  33. Failing to heat a powder would deal your character damage, which tagged it as a criminal.