For 3 long months, we have been incessantly working. We employed new staff and dived deeper and deeper to the bottom of our concept. Mostly, because of how many mechanics we were developing at the same time and of the sheer size of our project as it is, we shifted away from the rule of open, twice a month updates of our normal server, since we want to concentrate on exactly the development process.

A shrewd observer would notice that, concerning the mechanics, we are just a couple of steps away from the planned early access, having almost completely resolved lots of technical issues and limitations.

What does that mean?

Firstly, we are well off in terms of finances. And, yes, we do not depend on anyone.

Secondly, it means that in the stage of early access the game will be much deeper and of significantly better quality.

Thirdly, the future tests will be more public and much more mature in terms of network architecture and mechanics.

Fourthly, before that, we definitely have to fix errors, improve the visual and sound part, and fill the world with all that we have created.

P.S. We have paused pre-purchases for a variety of reasons. The main one is player loss because of refunds. We will start again on releasing Alpha.

Thank all of you who follow us.

Have a great weekend, ROG’oms up!

List of changes 0.66.785 from 29/09/2021

Game mechanics


  • Added:
    • (EPIC) Updated the engine to 4.26.x;
    • (EPIC) (0.6) Server, queue, and player room manager;
    • (EPIC) (0.8) Visible 1st person body, and 1st person camera motion;
    • (EPIC) A base for the profession system;
    • Character appearance editor;
    • Technical buffs system;
    • Zlatys circulation;
    • Players able to quit game before the quit timer expiring;
    • Color hint for equippable items;
  • Changed:
    • Nameplate refactoring:
    • Time controller;
    • Scrolling system for 3rd person camera;
    • Complete refactor of dodges;
    • Refactored jumps for version 2.0;
    • Blend system for combat stances animations;
    • Fall damage formula now operates using character carried weight system;
    • Sound system;
    • Full refactor of log widget. FastMessageLog and RegularMessageLog. Now they both are displayed in the same widget.
    • Added a 10 message limit for RegularMessageLog. On receiving an 11th message the 1st will be deleted.
  • Optimised:
    • Cosmetic equipment system;
    • System for storing items in a DB;
    • System for spawning items in the world - it reduces their physics and thus deals with the errors that occurred because of it;
  • Fixed:
    • Over 70 bugs of all kinds;

Tutorial (0.7)

  • Over 40 steps meant to introduce core game mechanics to new players;
  • Overhauled tavern location;
  • Tutorial is played by several players simultaneously;
  • New type of world items available for every player to pick up;
  • Temporary: you can skip tutorial or any of its steps (press - or + on the NumPad to do so);

Player-to-player trade (0.9):

  • One-side offer to any number of players;
  • Two-sided closed trade session at invitation;
  • Prices in both Talers and Zlatys;
  • Offering N number of goods with defining a minimal amount for a transaction;

Guilds (0.8):

  • New guild system tied to the Royal Bank;
    • paid creation;
    • renaming;
    • Disbanding;
  • System for guild bank account:
    • Replenishing the account with personal transfers, money withdrawal;
  • System for guild Authorized Capital:
    • Replenishing and using it;
  • System for guild levels depending on the size of the AC;
  • System for titles and title rights;

Resources/Recycling/Craft (0.9):

  • Added:
    • Craft stations;
    • Requirements
  • Powder crafting:
    • Magic level requirements and dependence on the time of day;
    • To craft powders you will have to use a portable brewing pot;
    • The pot may be placed in the world, and put or stolen back into the inventory;
    • Powders are crafted at a rate of 100 at a time;
    • Depending on the level and quality of the pot it loses durability after being used (base 100 durability points);
    • Every powder has 12 tiers, each has its own resource and level requirements;
  • Changed:
    • Crafting now supports crafting multiple items at a time;


  • New spawners and their types;
    • Dependent - it deletes AI when there are no players around;
    • Autonomous - for AIs that live without players around;
    • Autonomous for travelling AIs;
  • Optimized server spawner logic;
  • Dynamic spawner:
    • That spawner procedurally creates AI in a certain range of levels;
    • For this purpose it uses a table of bonuses or maluses for each type of AI;
  • Loot preset system for spawners including loot refactor:
    • Now a spawner decides what loot a mob drops instead of the mob;
    • The items are stored in a DB and are changed in real time;
    • A tool for creating/editing loot presets;
  • Ecosystem (Spawner 2.0):
    • Killing mobs players cull their population and the population of dependent AI types;
    • Meanwhile, the population of independent AI types grows;
    • After a while, the spawner will restore;
  • Изменено:
    • System of spawn spots for AI to come back to;
    • System of distance assessing depending on the animation;
    • Changing location after an attack for AIs;

Teleportation System (1.0):

  • Portals:
    • with tokens;
    • without tokens to a certain location;
  • Tokens;
  • Token bag;
  • Teleportation rules with tokens (including between continents and counties)

Combat System (2.9)

  • Physics of Combat System (spherecast):
    • the number is doubled;
    • the diameter is drastically reduced;
    • changed the method for calculating the range of the spherecast;
    • changed the height of sending spherecast and their direction, depending on the animation;
  • System of melee weapon damage (including damage formula refactor):
    • mathematical interpretation of the efficiency loss due to not yet recruited or already lost centrifugal force;
    • this system is reflected in the damage, i.e. striking from the correct side and at the correct distance, the damage tends to the MAX damage on the weapon;
    • each weapon has its own meaning of dependence on a given system;
  • Warming up the powder and mantras:
    • Activated on RMB;
    • according to the result of a mini-game with a slider, the player receives a bonus / malus to efficiency or detonation to himself;
    • Effectiveness: damage / healing, buff duration, cast range;
  • Obelisks:
    • shield;
    • wall;
    • sphere;
  • Mantras;
  • Added:
    • Shield push during spring;
    • 1h attack while blocking;
    • Shield attack on stopping blocking before 1h weapon attack;
    • Alternative attacks received bonuses;
    • 1h powder equipped in both hands has shorter cool down;
  • Changed:
    • RMB with 1h weapon uses stamina;
  • Optimised:
    • CD system;
    • Projectile physics;

Castle Siege System (0.8):

  • Forts;
    • Capturing, destroying and fast travel from castle to fort;
  • Castle and fort gates:
    • rules for (in)vulnerability;
    • rules for opening/closing, timers and a cool down for these actions;
    • recovery;
    • parameters for future castle grades;
    • visual destruction;
  • Capture points:
    • to capture a castle, get t3 of these, 1 of them must be the Donjon;
  • UI and notification system;

Karma System:

  • Added:
    • Karma grows on killing enemy AI;
    • Karma decreases on killing guards in a safe zone;
  • Changed:
    • Safe slots no longer drop loot on death according to inventory loot drop system;

Profession System (0.8):

  • Basis for adding profession, grades and prof. abilities:
    • requirements;
    • bonuses/maluses;
    • limitations;
    • integration to the quest system;
  • Slots for prof. abilities:
    • 5 slots for prof. abilities;
    • 3 of them are occupied by prof. abilities, and have the same grade as the profession;
    • 2 other slots are free to fill with additional abilities;
    • completing quests will give a certain number of additional abilities and improve them;
    • You can only use 2 of them at a time;

Game World


  • Added:
    • Obelisks (a magical counterpart for shields) and recipes to craft then;
    • Tutorial level 0.7;

Daerkun County

  • Added:
    • 2 castles, one of them has the necessary elements for capturing (early stages) 2 замка, в один из которых уже интегрированы первичные варианты механик захвата;
    • 2 new pits;
    • 5 teleports for travelling across the world;
  • Changed:
    • Issued in the city of Daerkun (we improved interiors and the overall location design);
    • Extraction locations (lumber mills, mines;
    • The location of Arena (we improved interiors and location design);
    • Renewed mob and guard spawners;


  • Added:
    • Appearance editor window;
    • Player-to-player trade window;
  • Temporary windows:
    • Craft;
    • Guilds;
  • Changed:
    • Castle Siege UI;

Known Issues

  1. Log off crash (on timer expiry);
  2. Invisible mantras;
  3. Invisible braces;
  4. Respawning in Harbur doesn’t spawn guards;
  5. Procedurally added walls/fences/piles lost some of their elements;
  6. If you die with a settings window on, it will get stuck and won’t close;
  7. Getting killed by a guard launches a character 100-200 metres away;
  8. Chat log disappears after death;
  9. Dodging while reloading the crossbow should interrupt it;
  10. Weapon VFXs aren’t shown correctly;
  11. Modular system has visual errors when in 1st person mode;
  12. If you unequip a powder during charging you don’t spend it;
  13. Walking animations jitters when moving left with obelisk and 1h weapon equipped;
  14. Player character won’t unequip the weapon after death;
  15. Player character receives criminal tag outside the necessary location;