Hi everyone!

We didn’t tell you anything for a while, but only because of hard work and active recruitment.

Anyway, our patch note will tell you more. Be sure, we are proud of it ;)

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Change list 0.59.680 from 24/06/2021

Game mechanics


  • Added:
    • (0.6) Seamless travel - seamless transition between servers in the open world, or, yet, almost seamless :);
    • Social animations;
    • Faction system for players and NPCs - as an extension of dynamic tag system, that allows NPCs to change their opinions about players and even other NPCs;
    • NPC visual equipment system (however, for the time being, you will have to watch naked men again);
  • Changed:
    • First person camera shake system (complete refactor);
    • Sprint motion controller;
  • Optimised:
    • Modular equipment system (complete refactor);

Quest system (0.5):

  • Functionality in general: accept/track in journal/complete;
  • Quest making tool for game designers;
  • All quest data is stored in a database, so that we could:
    • change anything without patches;
    • for dynamic requirements and rewards (DRR) depending on general game statistics. (e.g.: in the DB we can see how many rabbit skins players currently have, if there are too many, the quest giver will ask for more skins for the same reward);
  • Objectives:
    • Find a location;
    • Interact with an object or NPC;
    • Kill an NPC;
    • Bring items;
    • Reach a certain level of character stats;
  • Awards:
    • Thalers;

Resources/Recycling/Craft (0.6):

  • Resource spawn:
    • random quality and seasonal characteristics;
    • various limits;
    • parameters for the count’s influence;
  • Recycling resources into materials:
    • including random acquisition of rare metals;
    • payments in kind because of count’s influence on recycling;
    • Black market, which appears when counts don’t invest in recycling;
    • Splitting and merging materials with the help of recycler NPCs;
  • Craft:
    • currently, it is available for everyone and is not bound to crafting stations (right ALT to call the menu);
    • recipes;
    • recipe requirements to profession/magic level;
    • simple recipe making tool for game designers;


  • Added:
    • ability to change amount of damage, range, area, and the offset of that area for each animation;
  • Changed:
    • Crime system was integrated into the faction system;

Karma and zone system:

  • Zones:
    • Open world;
    • War zone;
    • Safe zone (complete refactor);
    • Ability to mix rules within a single zone;
    • New display of location names in the top right corner with a color tip on what karma rule is working in this zone;
  • Graveyards:
    • Now they work differently depending on player’s amount of karma;
  • Karma (depending on zone and karma):
    • Player’s name colour depends on karma;
    • Penalties for killing other players;
    • Experience loss on death (complete refactor and changed formula);
    • Item drop on death;
    • Safe inventory slots (highlighted with current karma color);

Game world


  • Added
    • T1 and T2 armor, weapon and powder recipes;

Daerkunn County

  • Added:
    • Forests;
    • 4 lumberjack camps;
    • Roads;
    • 3 arena pits;
    • Market at the arena;
    • Mobs: stickman, wolf, boar;
    • Resource spawners and recycling;
  • Fixed:
    • 100+ remarks/errors;


  • Added:
    • Resource recycling window;
    • Craft window (temporary);
    • Quest journal;
    • Ability to minimize battle log;
  • Changed:
    • Battle log size;


  1. Arena pits don’t have the restricting collisions;
  2. First weapon equipment doesn’t work after death;
  3. NPCs’ and players’ names and HP bars are invisible;
  4. Character is 10 cm above ground until jumping for the first time;;
  5. No SFX/VFX effects when weapons hit objects until first death;
  6. On client, arrows that hit character hover in the air where they hit;
  7. If two buttons in the hotbar have the same 2H weapon it remains on character’s back when unsheathed;
  8. There would still be a weapon behind character’s back even if there were none on the hotbar;
  9. Weapon doesn’t drop from hands after death;
  10. World map determines wrong player coordinates;
  11. Sprint gets stuck when energy gets low;
  12. Artificial light doesn’t turn off depending on the time of the day, and leads to dramatic FPS drops;
  13. Crossbow shoots like a rifle (when using RMB);
  14. It’s impossible to shoot animals with a crossbow, because they have different animations on client and on server;
  15. Effects (shooting magic) don’t work;
  16. Character hit animations only play on the client of the player that gets hit;
  17. Character ragdoll stops moving after some time after death;
  18. Quitting game with Alt+F4 when the character is dead cancels respawn;
  19. Magic has a shadow (powder pouch
  20. Renewable chest for social animations;
  21. Social animations break spherecast motion or direction when hitting in third person or free camera mode;
  22. Crossbow zoom doesn’t turn off on death;
  23. Weapon disappears from hands after some time;
  24. Holding RMB does alt attack for 1h and 2h weapons;
  25. Fixed timings for shperecasts;
  26. Crossbow doesn’t shoot where the crosshair points;
  27. Magic projectiles were askew to the right;
  28. Character performs an attack when releasing RMB or LMB;
  29. 2h weapon sprint attack doesn’t work;
  30. Arrows spawn both on client and server without replication;
  31. Dwarrhan npc stopped moving around;
  32. Impossible to kill rabbits and rats because of different poses on server and client;
  33. Fixed issue with magic (unnecessary VFX would spawn and remain in character’s hands, there was no visible projectile on the client);
  34. Removed shadows cast by rebase.

Known issues

  1. Character is invisible (after Seamless transition);
  2. Time widget disappears (after Seamless transition);
  3. Getting hit in block deals full damage, like if there were no block;
  4. Jumps work with drained stamina (camera)
  5. Issues with display of material slots on character (on LODs above 0);
  6. New character mesh doesn’t have morph types;
  7. Cross (to close the window) doesn’t work in craft widget;
  8. Guards deal zero damage;
  9. After RMB attach with a 2h weapon you can perform an LMB attack;
  10. Arrows get stuck midair;
  11. Mobs do not attack if you attack them from distance long enough;
  12. Can’t perform a melee attack after dodge;
  13. If you die with a settings window on, it will get stuck and won’t close;
  14. If you pick up a powder after holding a shield with a weapon, the shield gets stuck in the hand;
  15. After being killed by mob, it keeps hitting the spot where player stood for some time, and think that this spot has a collision a couple of minutes after;
  16. Chat log gets cleared after death;
  17. Agro widget always shows “1”;
  18. Karma in character window is always “Neutral”;
  19. After respawning, sprinting doesn’t drain stamina;
  20. After death, respawning in Harbur doesn't trigger guard spawn;
  21. Procedurally added walls/fences/piles lost some of their elements;
  22. Can’t raise a shield when holding powder + shield;
  23. In Dwarrhan, character receives x50 damage on falling after launch attacks;
  24. Getting killed by a guard launches a character 100-200 metres away.