Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago we missed a regular update for the Normal server because we had to simultaneously work on new mechanics and on complete refactoring of the old ones, but you’ll see everything for yourself. However, there’s a fly in the ointment - there are multiple known issues with refactoring the main logics. But they’ll be fixed in the nearest updates.

Tasks we are working on that stand between us and game version 0.60.ххх that would mean closed Alpha:

  1. Seamless - has been adapted for 4.25, but still doesn’t work well with spawning/removing characters;
  2. Craft (0.5) - will be available for everyone to test, regardless of profession;
  3. Combat System (to version 2.8);
  4. Embedding the finished tutorial into StartMap (main menu tavern)
  5. Scaling troll’s AI logic and principles for other mobs;
  6. And of course filling Daerkunn county with forests, mobs, NPCs, etc.;

Have a great weekend, ROG’oms up!

Change list 0.57.641 from 30/04/2021



  • Added:
    • Update of engine version from UE4.23 to 4.25;
    • New World Origin Rebase system (resetting to zero coordinates on the local client to avoid animation distortions, issues with arrows and magic);
    • Correct character spawning system - only necessary cells are loaded (up to10 times less than before);
    • Correct character teleportation system (including after death) - the character is removed from point A and spawned at point B, instead of being drawn from one point to another loading unnecessary levels along the way;
    • Logout system (character stays logged in the world for 30 seconds);
    • Character carry weight mechanic;
    • Influence of character carried weight on walk physics (acceleration/inertia/viscosity) and on walk speed;
    • Visual hand inertia and mobility for first person view;
    • Log with quick messages that are deleted 7 seconds after you receive them. For example, notifications about receiving money from arena;
    • Log for messages with delayed removal (after some time or an event);
  • Changed:
    • System for blocking attributes (full and partial);
    • Vertical camera motion range was set to 160 degrees;
    • Removed screen shading when turning on cursor mode;
    • Falling animation starts much later and smoother, which fixes the “pigeon” effect when falling off 50 cm height;
  • Fixed:
    • Incorrect input mode after logging out;
    • Incorrect display of level loading progress and freezing while loading;
    • Error that didn’t let servers update automatically through Steam;

Combat system (2.6):

  • Added:
    • Unique spherecast timings for each animation. (Example: now 2H weapon hits later than 1H, because of the slower swing. There are exceptions though: quick stab while sprinting with 2H weapon is quicker than regular 1H weapon attacks);
    • Hit direction is governed by character’s movement direction on the server (when moving right, character will hit left, etc.);
    • New blocking system - now hitting a raised shield will only be affected by the size of the shield, damage will decrease per shield’s bonus defence, and the hit will be converted to normal regardless of where the spherecasts were directed (head/legs/etc.);
  • Changed:
    • Spherecasts direction, frequency, and diameters are identical to the weapon movements in attack animations;
    • Ray that checks hitting on body parts/shield/etc. now moves inside spherecasts instead of flying to the center of the crosshair;
    • 2H attack animations were slowed down;
    • Now there’s no “delayed” damage, simultaneous kills will be much more seldom;
    • Slower animation blend after interrupting 2H weapon attack to idle;
  • Optimized (incl. complete refactor):
    • Complete refactor of weapon, shield system and combat system in general;
  • Fixed:
    • crossbow zoom wouldn’t turn off on death;
    • weapon disappeared from hands after some time;
    • holding RMB returns alt attack for 1H and 2H weapons;
    • when hitting block weapon dealt full damage;;
    • crossbow shot not according to crosshair;
    • magic projectiles skewed right;
    • attack when releasing RBM or LBM;
    • 2H weapon sprint attack wouldn’t work;
    • arrows would spawn both on client and server without replication. Now only on server;

Arena (0.6):

  • Added:
    • Timer visualization: battle and preparation (after appearing on the arena time widgets swaps to battle time or preparation time);
    • Management fee - n% of the win;
    • Draw: both players are set to starting positions as before the match;
    • Characters who quit game when being invited to battle are fined;
  • Fixed:
    • Characters who quit game during the battle lost battle;
    • Projectiles and people passed through pit collision;
    • Doors close with the preparation timer and open with the battle timer;
    • Battle timer (120 sec) wouldn’t start, infinite match;
    • Visual and sound effects of talers transaction for loss or victory;
    • After opening, doors could move into the cell;
    • Player can open and close the doors of their cell only;


  • Added:
    • Procedural hit react for all mobs instead of animations;
  • Changed:
    • Completely changed the work logic for criminals and guards in safe zones;
  • Optimized (incl. complete refactor):
    • Aggro timer;
  • Fixed:
    • Criminal debuff would appear when attacking guards;
    • AI stop being aggressive after character’s death/respawn;
    • Guard’s weapon collision turns off after his death;
    • Error when the guards were aggressive towards other players if one of them misbehaved;
    • Error that occurs when AI detects a player before initialization all of its components;
    • Error when guards who attacked a player got criminal debuff and were attacked by other guards;
    • Error when AI would stray out of their average spawn zone;
    • Error when guards wouldn’t react to the players with criminal debuff after respawn;
    • Error when AI for some reason couldn’t return to the spawn point (after resetting agro) and would stand in one place invincible and completely passive. Now when AI can’t return, there’s a timer that gets it out of this state;
    • Error when strike collisions hit invisible collision and ignored the AI inside it;
    • Error that occured after controller possession system rework when a player wouldn’t get a name tag and AI didn’t react at them because of it;

Game world


  • Added:
    • First tier county borders on the Eastern continent
  • Fixed:
    • Lighting on the character editor level;
  • Added:
    • 3х Mines;
    • 2х Mason’s workshop;
    • 3х Lumbermill;
    • 4х Farms;
    • RoadsТ1;
  • Changed:
    • The city of Daerkunn;


  • Added:
    • Sound and color effects for item requirements;
    • New work logic for blocking attributes;
  • Fixed:
    • Over 20 minor fixes;

Known isseus

  1. Characters’ and NPC’s names and HP bars are not displayed;
  2. First equipped weapon doesn’t work after death;
  3. Character is 10 cm above ground until jumping for the first time;
  4. No SFX/VFX effects when weapons hit objects until first death (world origin rebase);
  5. On client, arrows that hit character hover in the air where they hit;
  6. If two buttons in the hotbar have the same 2H weapon it remains on character’s back when unsheathed;
  7. Weapon doesn’t drop from hands after death;
  8. Quitting game with Alt + F4 after death cancels respawn;
  9. World map determines wrong player coordinates (world origin rebase);
  10. Sprint gets stuck when energy gets low;
  11. No names and HP bars (world origin rebase?);
  12. After death respawning in Harboud doesn’t spawn guards;
  13. Procedurally added walls/fences/piles lost some of their elements;
  14. Artificial light wouldn’t turn off depending on the time of the day, it also leads to dramatic FPS drops.