Hello, friends!

As briefly as possible about the most important news:

  • The WN Dev Contest is over for us - we thank everyone who voted for our project, and we will give out awards in the coming days;
  • The delay in the update is due to the fact that in February-March the project team was doubled, and a lot of new mechanics were work in progress, referring to each other;
  • We are finishing the refactor (read - “rewriting” the code) of the critical level, which means that from this month almost all 5 programmers will start working on new mechanics and updates of old ones;
  • In the current updates, there are already features from Beta-1 of Beta-2 - this is due to the ongoing refactor, we will return to the last Alpha features next week;
  • After updating the Arena to version 0.6, we are planning a small tournament with rewards;
  • The following videos will tell you about siege towers, arena, physics of the combat system - watch for their appearance;

Because the code update turned out to be large-scale - this is far from the entire list, but only the main systems that are presented in the build.

Have a great weekend - ROGgoms up!

Change list 0.54.602 from 04/02/2021



  • Added:
    • Item requirements;
    • Siege structures (towers);
    • Climbing ladders;
    • Character customization (ver. 0.7);
    • (prototype) Dummy for training and DPS parser;
    • Technical buffs (note. “Criminal”).
  • Optimized (incl. full refactor):
    • Complete refactor of server game time;

Arena (0.5)

  • Added:
    • The arena itself, fights organizer, pits, cages - which form a single complex;
    • Formation / acceptance of applications for a fight and their administration by the organizer;
    • System of bets, fines, compensations and rewards;
    • Fight type: 1х1;
    • Timer system for invitation / preparation / fight.


  • Added:
    • A system of attacks with physical pushing/throwing a target in different directions and with a different impulse;
    • System of turns to the target during normal attacks;
    • Agro system (counter, target change);
    • System of complete reset of aggro;
    • Dynamic tagging system;
    • Dynamic tag “Criminal”;
    • Safe zones system;
    • Mass threat system (zonal and radial), counter of criminals and AI, alarm and threat response.
  • Changed:
    • Troll - got all new mechanics, SFX.
  • Optimized (incl. full refactor):
    • Complete refactor for all types of spawners;
    • Complete refactor of AI class hierarchy, base class;
    • Dead NPCs are now removing from the world;
    • Gradual spawn of NPCs in turn;
  • Fixed::
    • NPC respawned only once;
    • NPCs are no longer duplicated when spawning;
    • HP bar of NPC that remained after death;
    • Late equip / unequip of weapons from the NPC;
    • NPCs do not leave the specified area when walking.

Game world


  • Added:
    • Daerkunn town;
    • Arena of Daerkunn;
    • 2 mines (2 or 3 entrances each);
    • 4 quarries;
    • Borders of 2 counties (visual).
  • Changed:
    • Natural lighting;
    • 2 old quarries;
    • Removed teleports to resource extraction locations.


  • Added:
    • Requirements for medium and heavy armor (T0);
    • Weapon requirements (T1);
    • Requirement for some powders.

Harbour Village

  • Added:
    • Safe zone.


  • Added:
    • Agro AI widget;
    • Displaying requirements in item tooltips;
    • Bag: checkbox for automatic opening / closing by “TAB” button.
  • Fixed:
    • Display of the main characteristics on objects (HP / MP);
    • Tooltip (level l): item type icons, information location, breakage when fixing with “F” button;
    • Displaying min / max - HP / MP recovery.