Friends, welcome!

During these 2 weeks, we paid maximum attention to working on bugs, as well as adding GM functionality, which will allow us to tune the physics of the combat system in online tests with you!

Follow the announcements on the site - in the coming days there will be a newsletter with some changes around the project.

Have a nice working week, ROG'oms up!

Change list 0.52.554 from 02/01/2021


  • Added:
    • Turn on/off artificial lighting (lanterns, lamps, candles,etc.), tied to server time. Presets for use by level designers;
    • GM characters returned to full 3rd person camera ability (test mode);
    • GM characters added the ability to change the physics of the combat system directly online (test mode);
    • Game settings at the Main menu.
  • Changed:
    • Wipe of the PTR server;
    • Removed x100 rate for gaining experience;
    • The formula for gaining experience when taking damage;
    • The system of “sphercasts”: their number has been increased from 5 to 7, different timings (first and subsequent) have been added for various types of weapons and attacks;
    • Camera height from 1st person (177 cm) for a character (194 cm tall);
    • Camera height from 1st person when switching to a combat stance is now taken as a % of the base camera height, rather than in absolute value;
    • Height of the starting point for the sphercasts and the beam that checking hit in the head/body/legs;
    • Temporarily added a ban on dodge during cooldown (after attack/using magic);
    • Passive HP/MP regen (every 2 sec, depending on the Physical level and Magical level);
    • Calculation of energy consumption when jumping, depending on the weight and the number of repeated jumps.
  • Optimized:
    • AI - New equip/unequip system for weapons;
    • New system for updating time of day and lighting in editor mode.

  • Fixed:
    • Incorrect collision of some weapons behind the character’s back;
    • When re-equipping the same weapon, the equip animation is played from the “start” position of the unequip animation;
    • VFX powders from 1st and 3rd person are not displayed;
    • Weapons are not always unequipped when respawn/first entering the game;
    • Problems with equipment after death with a weapon in hand;
    • Involuntary unequip in some cases;
    • Shield block rises even during the weapon’s CD (and should only after the end);
    • All attack with melee weapons only from the left;
    • After death, it’s impossible to use powders;
    • No camera shake effects during unequip and swap;
    • No change in camera height when switching to a combat stance;
    • If you throw out 2H weapons from the inventory, and it was in the hotbar and was displayed behind the back, then it will remain behind (only externally);
    • Weapons disappears late in 3rd person on unequip / swap;
    • VFX does not disappear from the powder from the 3rd person, as well as the crossbow;
    • Removed the ability to hit with a RMB-attack from 3rd person view;
    • AI - for guards when switching from Idle to Defensive stance, the weapon is displayed with delay;
    • AI - wrong animations were played in the “Flee stance”;
    • AI - Guard Tag and access error, due to which Guard did not equip weapons;
    • Errors, if there is no server time controller in the scene.

Game world


  • Added:
    • 2 quarries,1 mine (medium size, 3 entrances).
  • Changed:
    • Natural lighting;
    • Loot containers are no longer GM type (there are no powders);
    • Remaster (textures,materials) of wood on 20+ models.

Harbour Village

  • Added:
    • 30+ sources of artificial lighting.
  • Changed:
    • Improved market;
    • Improved house interiors.

Abandoned Castle

  • Changed:
    • 10+ materials on objects;
    • Minor edits in the plan of structure.
  • Optimized:
    • LOD’s and collision of all stone walls.


  • Added:
    • Direct connection of the dimensions of the sight of the melee weapon with the area of destruction of the given weapons (the diameter of the “sphercasts”, but not the range of the weapon);
    • New system for displaying the duration of buffs;
    • A new system of uniform tooltips for icons of characteristics and attributes of a character;
    • Localization of tooltips for icons.
  • Changed:
    • System of appearing, fixing and closing tooltips of l and ll levels (F+LMB) on icon.
  • Optimized:
    • UI textures for tooltips.
  • Fixed:
    • Incorrect display of types of sight in combat stances;
    • The position of the energy icon and its icon in the characteristics menu;
    • The bonus is not displayed when bouncing in the character characteristics;
    • Bonus from blocking is displayed incorrectly in the characteristics window;
    • Unstable displaying of an additional bonus for shields in the item tooltip.