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Despite the fact that only one week has passed since the previous update, and even part of the team was resting, we still stick to the schedule, and that's what came of it!

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Change list 0.52.548 from 01/15/2021

1 | Code

1.1 | Added:

  • Change in tax rate for transactions with NPC depending on the type of vendor;
  • Vendor type “Speculator”;
  • New systems (un)equip/swap items in hand with CD system, hotbar;
  • Increased character defense during bounce: bonus size and duration depends on the direction of the bounce.
  • New system for calculating energy consumption for bounces / jumps: depends on the weight of the equipment, the direction of the bounce, the number of repetitions in a row;
  • Visual weapons drop from AI upon death.

1.2 | Changed:

  • Wipe of PTR-server;
  • Interaction of LMB and RMB in the “1H weapon with a shield” stance;
  • Disabled profession presets when creating a character, a character is created with level 1.1 and without profession;
  • At level 1.1, there is now 100 HP/MP/Energy;
  • Disabled inverse kinematics (IK) on the character.

1.3 | Optimized:

  • AI (stationary NPCs) - server load;
  • Mapping of weapons behind the characters back.

1.4 | Fixed:

  • Leveling character attributes by restoring HP/MP;
  • AI (Guards) - transition from Idle stance to Defensive stance;
  • Errors on the server related to weapons arrays;
  • Wrong mapping of an arrow when equipping a crossbow.

2 | In-Game items:

2.1 | Added:

  • 19 items of T1 armor (head / chest / legs / feet / shields);
  • 8 items of T1 weapons (all types,except for the “2H axe”);
  • 23 items of T1 / 2 / 4 powders;
  • 4 items of character containers (3 main, 1 secondary);
  • 1 item of reset characteristics (20 points).

2.2 | Changed:

  • T2 loot from lepers;
  • Loot from rabbits.

3 | Game world

3.1 | Changed:

  • Lighting.

Harbour village
3.2 | Added:

  • Market in the central square;
  • Sacked fishing district;
  • 2 vendors T1 (Weaponsmith,Sorcerer);
  • Interiors of houses (tavern,smithy,house of mortician,fishing hut,other apartment houses);
  • Placeholders for stationary NPCs and vendors;
  • Containers (chests,boxes, barrels,hiding-places).

3.3 | Changed:

  • Infrastructure;
  • Assortment from vendor T1 (Armorsmith);
  • House exteriors (foundations,exterior doors added).

3.4 | Optimized:

  • The number of isolated objects in the location has been reduced by 60% (ISM - instance static meshes).

Abandoned Castle
3.5 | Changed:

  • Layouts and dimensions of the forts;
  • a row of materials on objects;

3.6 | Optimized:

  • The number of isolated objects in the location has been reduced by 80% (ISM - instance static meshes).

Somewhere along the road from Harbour to the Castle
3.7 | Added:

  • Fishing camp;
  • Vendor T1 (Speculator).

4 | Models and animations
4.1 | Added:

  • Bag models;
  • LODs for guards.

4.2 | Changed:

  • Dimensions of all weapons are adjusted to the intended type (example: short sword,sword,bastard,claymore,zweihander,etc).

5 | UI

5.1 | Added:

  • Castle siege window;
  • Icons for new items.

5.2 | Changed

  • Debug of client / server weight is disabled;
  • Disabled online information (remains only with GM).

5.3 | Optimized:

  • Improved quality,clarity and optimization of all available icons;

5.4 | Fixed:

  • At the end of the transaction, the selection of purchased goods was not removed in the trading window;
  • Trade window design.

6 | Known issues:

6.1 | Constantly:

  • VFX powders from 1 and 3persons are not displayed;
  • Incorrect display of types of sights in combat stances;
  • When re-equipping same weapon, the equip animation is played from the “start” position of the unequip animation (does not affect the server);
  • Bonus from blocking is displayed incorrectly in the characteristics window;
  • Bonus is not displayed when bouncing in the characteristics window;
  • Incorrect collision at a number of weapons behind their backs - they can push another player away on the client, on the server everything remains in place;
  • Names and HP bars flickering at the NP
  • Vendors (Sorcerer and Weaponsmith) have name tooltips hidden by collisions.

6.2 | Often:

  • Problems with equipment after death with weapon in hand (it will come off over time);
  • For guards when switching from idle to Defensive stance, the weapon is displayed with delay.

6.3 | Rare:

  • Involuntary unequip in some cases;
  • Jittering on bounces;
  • Weapons are not always unequipped when reviving / first entering the game world.