Dear friends,

First of all, we are thankful for your feedback and reports that instantly started pouring in the moment we launched PT#4.

Secondly, we are thankful to those who support our project by making pre-orders. After all, for the past year and a half, our team has been operating on its own funds.

Some of the changes we prepared for PT#4 were technical; others concerned balance and economy. Apparently, just like you, we see all those issues that ensued from the scope of work that had been done in-between the playtests.

PT#4 Concept:

We decided not to wipe player characters of levels 15 and above. However, we deleted all their items and replaced the money they had with small set sums. Apart from that, they were all transported to Rivulet Island.


We’ve drastically changed the prices of most items. It came as a result of changing processing prices. Before the change, processing bear pelt cost less than flatbread. We also increased the income that people receive for their in-game activities. Unfortunately, our efforts were rendered useless by the DVB system, which increased processing prices dramatically.

All these problems will be fixed during PT#4. We’ll also try to make crafting powders as profitable as crafting items.


We’ve made significant changes in the growth of item stats and requirements. The basic concept is that a character of level 60 will never be able to wear both armor and weapons of level 11+ simultaneously, to say nothing of the more powerful enchantments of these items.


We didn’t neglect the balance of AI. All AIs’ default levels were set to 60. The stats of an AI that happens to be spawned in a lower level spawner are multiplied by the number that corresponds to the level of the spawner.

Besides, all the mobs except animals have immunities to certain types of weapons and magic.

Our primary goal for starting locations was to make mobs easier to kill, including the named ones. We decreased their damage but increased their HP. The “duels” will get longer but players will have more chances to make mistakes

This is another aspect that we will change and fix according to the feedback we receive.

Some gameplay simplifications:

Some simplifications to make the experience easier:

  • Ability trainers locations and their quests;
  • Token prices (especially those that lead to castles);
  • Prices and craft requirements of elixirs;
  • Castles AI;
  • Vendors’ stocks. At the moment, they sell items that we do not plan to sell in the future.

ROG’oms up!

  • Severs | Backend | Seamless
    • Added:
      • A tracker that keeps track of the number of created characters, decreasing the starting money the more characters have been created;
    • Fixed:
      • Buffs of higher levels were replaced with 1st level ones after a seamless transition;
  • Inventory | Equip | Containers:
    • Fixed:
      • Bonus HP received from items was unrestored after going through a seamless transition;
  • Combat system | Magic:
    • Changed:
      • 2H alternative attack doesn’t have to be charged, but was made 20-30% slower depending on the weapon;
      • Re-balanced HP/MP restoration powders;
      • Decreased camera shake and bob with crossbow equipped;
    • Fixed:
      • The error in the damage formula of 2H special attack;
  • Character | Vocations and Abilities | Quests
    • Added:
      • The character’s hunger status has a visible tech buff;
    • Changed:
      • The party XP bonus was doubled;
      • Increased the duration of invincibility after teleportation or entering the game world;
    • Fixed:
      • Wrong character stats after relogging;
      • abusing overweight with suicide;
  • Resources | Processing | Crafting | Enchantments
    • Fixed:
      • Crafting stations didn’t “see” recipes stored in containers;
  • AI | NPC:
    • Added:
      • forced teleportation to the spawn point after expiring certain individual timers;
      • several SFX for AIs;
    • Changed:
      • wolves were made 20-30% slower: running speed, acceleration, attacks;
      • bears don’t shove so much when chasing their targets;
      • Changed the sizes and behaviors of rats and hares
      • Named AIs drop loot of higher quality and weight;
  • UI | UX | Visuals | Localization:
  • Added:
    • “Tabula Rasa” window opens on using the item
    • quest rewards tooltips (items/abilities);
    • quest tracker that tracks 3 last accepted quests;
    • the missing sounds for certain NPC windows;
    • localization of a number of menus;
  • Changed:
    • the attenuation of in-game sounds (fixed 2D sound effects);
    • attribute, processing, black market, and enchantment widgets;
    • global chat is set as default;
  • Fixed:
    • certain map markers;
    • visual issues with dividing item stacks;
    • issues with NPC capsules being shifted.