Dear friends!

The time has finally come for PT#3 on Steam. It has taken us much longer than we expected. During this long wait that we spent fixing the serious issue from PT#2, we also addressed the feedback that had been given to us by the participants of previous playtests and tried our best to improve the graphics and UX.

The test is open:

We will host it using the Steam Playtest. It means that everyone applying will be granted access, be it before or during the testing session.

When you’ll be able to download the client:

from 17.00 (GMT+0) 21/04/2023, but access to the servers will be limited until the test begins. Players who did not delete the previous playtest's client will only need to download a patch.

The session will last for 14 days:

from 15:00 (GMT+0) 24/04/2023 until 24:00 07/05/2023.


It’ll be Normal. Participants from the Steam playtest will be on the same server as those who received the keys earlier.

Locations available:

Tutorial tavern, Rivulet Island, Daerkunn County;

Playtest vision:

The long duration of this test session is due to the introduction of Castle Sieges. It will take a lot of time for players to create guilds and prepare for them

Intermediate update:

Approximately in the middle of the playtest, we are going to release an intermediate update that will add Vocations. This will include a new vocational ability sorting system and open access to item crafting and enchanting.

On 24/04/2023 we will publish the patch note and a small FAQ regarding the approaching playtest.

ROG’oms Up!