Dear friends,

Here’s another update that addresses a number of issues. We also took care of the players who took advantage of the vulnerability of the GM panel.

Briefly on Vocations:

  • Next week, we will release a patch that will fix the issues related to Vocations and introduce additional abilities;
  • We added a temporary item that allows players to abandon their current Vocation (“Prof dropout" scroll);


  • Added:
    • (Island) Prison cells with characters banned for using GM panel or of those who benefited from them;
    • (Island) Black territory in the locations of named world bosses;
    • (Daerkunn) Collision volumes that restrict the boundaries of the county and tell players that they are leaving playable area;
    • Discord news are updated every time the starting menu is opened instead of according to a timer;
    • system messages telling of an inability to teleport, a lack of inventory space, etc.;
    • (Items) T2 Jewelry, T2 and T3 Bags;
    • localized a number of objects in the world;
    • icons for herb essences;
  • Changed:
    • Main HUD UI;
    • now players can remove recipes from the Recipe Book;
    • players now can’t die inside their houses, and new descriptions of real estate;
    • (Items) prices of a number of items, and vendors’ balances;
    • (Items) T2 Jewelry’s and Robes’ stats;
    • (Island) The respawn time of Bur's escort has been reduced by 4 times;
    • DBV: Travelers;
    • the size of several herbs to make them more noticeable;
    • tree collisions (oaks and birches);
  • Fixed:
    • possibility of bringing up the GM panel when editing memory;
    • under certain conditions, the player character would save in the wrong way, decreasing the character’s level to 1.1;
    • spawner manager issue that obstructed the work of the manager and caused unnecessary stress on the server;
    • item quality didn’t visually update item requirements;
    • some map icons disappeared from the map;
    • loot dropped by golems could fall through the landscape;
    • items acquired through the refining process could disappear into nothingness if the player didn’t have enough room in the inventory;
    • castle AI would fight each other;
    • weird blue “rays” in the world;
    • 2D fire crackling in random places of Daerkunn;

ROG’oms Up!