Dear friends,

In the second patch, we continue to take care of the issues that the players have reported in the past few days.

  • Added:
    • (Daerkunn) vendors selling items and powders of levels 2 and 3;
    • Physical and visual borders marking the edges of Daerkunn County;
    • A number of objects have been localized;
  • Changed:
    • (Daerkunn) AI were made 15-30% weaker depending on the distance from hubs;
    • (Island) DQB system was turned off (quest objectives are static, no matter how often a quest has been completed);
    • (Island) the ecosystem was completely turned off (the mobs no longer go extinct after being mown down by players);
    • (Island) named Stickman was made significantly weaker;
    • (Island) named mobs drop significantly more ancient coins; skeletons drop coins with higher chances;
    • (everywhere) experience gained from dummies is limited by the character’s level; the amount of experience gained was made 20 times less;
    • (AI) stickmen’s defence stance will give them more PD and MD;
  • Fixed:
    • Dodging could block stamina regeneration;
    • Satiety depleted too quickly;
    • Players could discard an item’s “shadow” from their inventory;
    • Splitting item stacks in the inventory;
    • Water drops on the character model;
    • Description and localization;

ROG’oms Up!