Dear friends,

We apologize for the shutdown of servers in the evening, but based on your feedback and reports from the first day of testing we have prepared a patch that fixes a number of serious issues.

  • Fixed:
    • Players received damage on graveyards and in safe zones;
    • Players could deal AOE damage in safe zones;
    • There were no intermediate character backups for random characters;
    • Loss of attributes when using Tabula Rasa that was equal to the number of attributes given by an item bonus;
    • Opening the Dwarrhan map for the first time focused the view on the character marker;
    • A number of visual glitches in the Tutorial Tavern;
    • A number of visual glitches related to tree collisions;
    • Players could get stuck in a hole in the floor in the castle on the island;
  • Fixed and needs to be checked:
    • Falling through the landscape if the Dwarrhan map was loaded from HDD (not for a seamless);
  • Changed:
    • Movement keys can be re-bound from “WASD”;
  • Rivulet Island:
    • All mobs were made 9–24% weaker;
    • The number of mobs was increased by 25% (mostly in the central part of the island);
    • Fixed some quests and quest markers;
  • AI:
    • The bear debuff is now a regular buff and has a shorter duration;
    • Troll mosquito SFX was made more visually distinct;

ROG’oms Up!