We, Atlant Games team are glad to announce:

ROG Club time has come

ROG Prototype’s time is over

This means that:
  1. We plug-off live server;
  2. We will turn it on after each update (for open alpha-tests on live-server);
  3. Access to systematic alpha-tests on live-server will remain free for all keys holders - for those who have received keys to our prototype in advance;
  4. We’ve made list of first participants who can now join ROG club.
ROG club membership is not a reward or present - this is our appeal to the active players to participate in test, share feedback, discuss classified information and so on. Therefore we’ll continue to announce additional lists of those who have been invited. And those, who want, can accept our invitation. Invitation list is based on our subjective thoughts - however, we do evaluate active participators with specific skill/mindset that can help us upon testing the game. The main privilege for those, who are in ROG club is: Access to our test-server that will get fresh updates before they go to live server in several weeks (during alpha-tests). ROG club Main rule:

“Everything that happens in ROG club - stays in ROG club”

  This means that participants are not allowed to publish any photos, video content or any other information gathered upon testing or during discussion on classified threads of ROG’s forum !without prior notification of Reign of Guild developers and approbation given! Though the membership in club itself may be a satisfaction point for some of users, we’ve developed reward systems for our “club guys”:
  1. For activity shown (reports, feedback, ideas, hints on optimization, mechanics help on forum, help in future alpha-tests and etc.) user will get RCP (ROG club Points);
  2. Quantity of RCP gathered for specific actions will be displayed soon enough;
  3. Unique rewards will be developed and given in accordance with collective decision of all members (as, unfortunately, we cannot presume all activity in future at this very moment);
  4. You can spend RCP for different rewards - from mentioning in our credits to substantial rewards (yes, we do love and appreciate your ideas as much as our own);
  5. Reward list will be published and displayed together with the list from p.2;
  6. We honestly believe that reward system will make our cooperation more fun and systemized.
First list of ROG club members is already on our Forum.