Dear friends! ROG’s development lasts almost for a year. For this period we’ve made colossal work and our team has expanded to 15 people and continue to grow. Our biggest pride is that we’ve managed to gather decent community that generates cool ideas and feedback. From the start of our work we were absolutely opened and development was community driven. Upon the year, our core pride is Reign of Guilds prototype that was accessible for anyone. But now it is time for some changes:
  1. We’ve made a decision (it wasn’t easy for us) to close free entrance to our prototype. What does it mean? Now the server with prototype will be available upon tests for short period of time (for one-two weeks). This will allow to gather big groups of players for stress-tests. However, we’ll continue to provide giveaways of our keys via forum. The keys that were provided before WON’T be deactivated;
  2. Our programmers already created second server for tests - Private Test Realm (PTR).
What is PTR, what is it for, who will get access to it?
  1. PTR - is Reign of Guilds server used for implementation and testing of new mechanics. It’s goal is testing of new features before live-server (common access);
  2. Only ROG Club participants will get access to this very server (participant’s list will be announced soon, please stay tuned and follow news on our forum). Of course, participant’s list will grow;
  3. We also develop reward system for active participants and testers.
When are you planning to close free entrance to the prototype? When participant’s list will be announced? This should happen this week - after participant’s list of ROG Club is submitted.