World of Reign of Guilds is place with more than 1000 square kilometers of land area which is big even for 2k18. In our first devblog we’ve mentioned our way of creation in-game world: we are not just simple generate locations but also trying to make it varied and interesting to explore. Today we would like to tell you more about how we are to complete this task.

We can already claim that world generation via World Machine was successful and now finished. This process wasn’t simple and we had to invite outside experts for helping us. When in-game world will be transmitted into the server our level-designers will implement recently created biomes.

So, what are those biomes? ROG’s consists of 4 parts that will be divided by Rocks, mountains and  rivers that one cannot cross. From North to South we’ll implement 4 different biomes that softly continue each other’s climate. Each of those biomes have their own peculiarity, but each of them will include rivers, lakes, mountains, hills, forests and swamps. Now let us give a closer look on each biome in particular.  


Northern part - is cold and icy part of the world. Forests, fields, rivers and lakes are covered with snow. You can notice that most of trees here are presented by pines with their branches descending under weight of the snow. Of you go on south, you can notice that there are less pines and more deciduous trees.  

Anear north

The most melancholic part of the world - leaves are dropped into the ground, the sky is grey and it rains. At night one may find himself in very spooky place. But don’t worry - continue your journey to the south to see autumn landscapes with deciduous trees and small amount of pines.


Here you can find temperate and softwood forest. The land is muffled up with verdant grass. No flowers, though. This is a middle land where main county is located. Around that location starts basic part of the game.


This is summer. Bright and warm - Greenwoods are all over with very small amount of pines around. Here one can find birches, maples, oaks and some fruitful trees (like apple tree, plum tree and so on). Vast cover of lush grass and juicy colors are all over. Players can find paradise lost here as it is really a pleasure to stay and observe beautiful nature.

To sum up

So now, when you got a small sneak peak from us, you can imagine how biomes will look in ROG’s world. When the process of biomes implementation will be done, our designers will start their work on manual level creation (inputting castles, cities, villages with roads, resource nodes, points of interest and etc.)  We will tell you more about those places in our next development blog. And until then, we’ll see you guys in the world of Reign of Guilds.

See ya!