Hello there! At the end of 2017 we’ve released our first episode of ROG’s development blog. And now, as was promised, we continue to share our progress with you. Today we will talk about VFX. Enjoy!

Water magic

On our last episode we’ve demonstrated Small cleansing. It’s time to meet with other water magic effects.

Frozen arrow. Similar to fire arrow by it’s mechanics frozen arrow looks like a piece of icicle. Upon release, arrow leaves snow trace with pieces of ice. After arrow reach target it decays leaving hundreds of ice pieces.

Hail block. This is AOE spell that is shown as several boulders, icicles and shards falling down to the ground. All this beautiful shards make damage to everyone in damage area.

Freezing. With this debuff target just….yeah, got frozen and can’t do anything until allies break the spell or until the spell won’t be deactivate by itself after some time. This spell is pretty useful if you think someone should stay cool.

Earth magic

We’ve made up single mechanic for visualizing VFX for buffs and will show it to you on our earth magic’s defense buff.

Physical defense powder creates 3 defense symbols around character. Those symbols display armor and start to spin around (not spinning head right round, don’t worry...could be cool, though) and burn out with element’s color after short time. While at hand, the model is shown as translucent projection to make it look more...magical.

The same effect happens with the following buffs:

  • Magic defense powder (Shield);
  • Health powder (Hearth);
  • Compound defense powder (Wall).

Those buffs allow to get up to 40% of passive vitality. Please note that buffs will stay up to 15 minutes of real time (or until someone dispels it or kill your character.)


At the end we would like to talk about some VFX for professional skills that will be implemented into №6 Update.

1) First one is “submission bracers”. This debuff is unique skill for inquisitor and displayed as enchanted bonds. With such wristbands on hands your enemy can’t really do anything.

2) Second one is final part of crusader’s teleport ability we’ve mentioned on our first episode. After teleporting, crusader lands and releases wave of metal chains injuring in shoeing enemies. This effect is presented with VFX shown on screen. The debuff can be dispelled by chained characters.


So, that is mostly it - we’ve talked about some of our VFX  in progress. We are eager to read your comments and hear out your thoughts. And, of course, we can’t wait to see you on our forum where all the concepts are discussed. Don’t forget that it is never too late to share your ideas and thoughts to be implemented or somehow out into our game. We’ll see you on our next episode.