Dear friends!

About the team

We will start by discussing the historical and current state of affairs at our studio, as there have been quite a few speculations and misunderstandings.

Here are some facts:

  • We launched in early access with a team of 8 people (including the CEO and CM);
  • The maximum size of the studio was 17 people (mid-2019);
  • The average staff size in 2023-24 was less than 10 people;
  • Our studio has never had a specialized investor, nor investments from the gaming industry, and the entire project was created through self-funding;
  • In the first two weeks of sales, after deducting refunds, taxes, and Steam's commission, the studio received the entire annual budget for 2023, for which we thank our community.
  • currently we are expanding the team, as 8 people are not able to support even current amount of active players;

Therefore, as the head of this project, I clearly see the absolutely legitimate complaints and demands from the community regarding the low quality of both the project itself and its support. However, I ask you to be patient and give us the opportunity to stabilize the work on the project by expanding the studio's staff.

Release struggles and a week respite

In the first 20 days, we focused on the most critical issues (critical server/client errors, as well as blocking errors): complex server physics criticals were fixed (which even a full dump did not help to find), as well as client render criticals.

On 04/24, on the third day, we rolled out fixes during prime time for what's called "UI", which extended far beyond the client issues.

It's not possible to say that all critical/blocking issues have been fixed yet, but at the moment we have a significantly better situation, including total server stability.

For the coming week, our entire team is focused on less extensive tasks, and mainly on support and processing of reports/suggestions.

The practice of deploying patches during prime time, as well as patches without patch notes, has been stopped.

Patches will now be released on 09:00 to 10:00 (GMT+0) on TUE/THU


Contrary to the prevailing belief that we ignore reports and do not monitor what's happening, we will soon be hiring a full-time employee whose sole function will be monitoring and enforcement.

Players should also understand that the debriefing will take place including retrospectively for players who have already distinguished themselves.

After the implementation of all services that partially automate the monitoring of duping and RMT, we will discuss them in general terms, as awareness of high risk from the community side is a more effective method in establishing and adhering to game rules.

Now about the results of our work::

main character (level) / alts, (special note);

  • Dupe (permanent ban):
    • Aricosandr (22.21) / CumBot, (23,5кк talers, 113к powders Т6);
    • Инвалид (15.31) / Чертополох, (231к powders Т6);
    • Ebola (15.33) / Fallen / Lightbringer;
    • VoRiSHka (41.15) / Привет (incl. trading duped items);
    • СЛЫШ (17.15) / LEONIDDD / LEONIDD;

  • Receiving duped items from other characters with the signs of knowing about the source of the items (temporary - 7 day ban):
    • Кразузик (31.31) / MrCrazyY;
  • RMT, taler selling (permanent ban):
    • flaber (39.38) / Жопокрыл / Зачарка / Няшмяш
    • Kimitachi (32.15)
    • SHATANE (20.15) / конюхСая / кобылкасая (operational account);
    • zalupovert (20.15);
    • БОГАЧЬ (18.15) / зомби;
    • witcher (15.20) / ророро / KUS;
    • Милфоузел (15.16) / Чипинкос;
    • ЖИЖАНУЛ (15.15) / zhizhik;
    • Klusha / (15.15) / Lola / TroloLo;
    • Abuse (temporary, 7 day ban):
    • TTV-Tokhet (34.34) / Tokhet /SebastianSorano;


During the planned week, a roadmap will be implemented that will more clearly illustrate our plans for the development of the project and directions for balancing. This is because, as of today, we have not yet managed to process and discuss all the comments and suggestions on social media.