Dear friends!

Recently we’ve finished one of high tier armor that presents "Steel Master" professional school. When it was created, we moved away from the eastern culture, since it was extremely difficult to create a harmonious image, while remaining within the framework of a high realism

Therefore we’ve decided to make contest dedicated to "Steel masters" lore. All you need to do is to make text (500 words) dedicated to "Steel master" school history: What goals does the school want to achieve? What is it’s history? Do they have any weak spots? Post your works in the relevant thread on our Forum.

The contest is supported by our friends from Alien Gear. Prizes are provided by CoolerMaster.

Contest rules, timeframe and prizes

Please, don’t forget to answer at least one of the following questions in you short overview:

  1. The General concept of the school. Purpose of creation, requirements for candidates and students;
  2. General history of "Steel Masters" school;
  3. Fight features, its strengths and weaknesses.

Contest rules:

  • Only one work is accepted from each participant;
  • The maximum number of words is 500;
  • Text style - literary text;
  • You can’t use swearing;
  • Text should be authentical in order to avoid plagiarism;
  • The winners will be picked via number of likes under the corresponding post on the forum;
  • Any cheating with votes is forbidden. Participants who cheat will be disqualified.


  • Contest commences on: 17th of May, 2018, at 09:00 (UTC);
  • You can post your story until 20:59 (UTC) 31st of May, 2018;
  • Voting is open from the beginning of the contest till 20:59 (UTC) 07th of June, 2018;
  • We’ll sum up the results and announce winners on 10th of June at 09:00 (UTC) on our website and official social pages;
  • Winners will have to leave their telephone number and address to get prices via postal with tracking number.

Authors of 5 best stories will get this nice prizes:

  • 1 place:  MasterKeys Pro L White LED keyboard (Cherry MX Red) and Pulse-R headset;
  • 2 place: Mouse MasterMouse MM530  SGM-4007-KLLW1 и Pulse-R headset;
  • 3 place: Combo keyboard+mouse Devastator 3 - Combo with 7 colors (Mem-chanical);
  • 4-5 place:  Keyboard Trigger Z blackMX.

Good luck!