The western and eastern parts of the kingdom have more than 60 castles for capture. The higher the level of a castle, the bigger its size, the harder it is to capture it, but the higher is the reward for owing it.

Several types of siege are envisaged. The main ones are: capture of zones (control points inside a castle), seizure of tablets, retention of a castle for a certain time period. These mechanics vary a lot based on order and list of necessary actions.

Almost all castles have several phases. During two phases the castle is an active combat zone and its seizure is possible. During the rest of phases, the owners can relax about the safety.

Every castle consists of several locations. The transition between locations is done through seamless transitions between program servers.

In general, it is more convenient to siege castles with the help of siege engines and equipment:

  • Endurant player might be able to carry a ladder to the wall even all by himself, but he will need a support from his sorcerers to make sure the ladder does not get thrown down;
  • A siege tower must be wheeled by several players who should be coordinated with voice signals, since the direction of tower movement depends on from where its front part is being pushed. If it is pushed from the right only, then the tower turns left, and vice versa. The movement speed depends on the number of those who push;
  • And, of course, ballistas are to destroy the gates.