It is the guilds that will be at the head of the kingdom.

Extra attention is dedicated to the functionality and management of guilds. Here are some examples of expansion of guild related mechanics:

  • Payments for organizing a guild and contributions to the authorized capital of the guild;
  • Option to open an account of the guild in Royal Bank;
  • 9 seats in a guild: senior, technical senior, senior deputy, diplomat, treasurer, seneschal, recruiter, vassal, neophyte;
  • A system of collecting dues, control over dues, statistics, etc.

Authorized Capital (AC) of a guild is money deposit, which cannot be retrieved directly. The size of AC determines maximum options and values of following parameters for the guild:

  • Number of members;
  • Number of alliances;
  • Maximum level of a castle;
  • Total sum of levels of all castles;
  • Option to gain title of Count or King for senior.

The AC is being used for deficit coverage of a county’s budget (or counties) in case the governing policy has not been successful enough: too little taxes has been collected while maintenance costs are high.

In case the AC drops below a limit value, a guild will have 30 in-game days to restore the value of the AC above necessary limit. Otherwise, automatically, the guild members will be dismissed (in ascending order), alliances will be broken, castles will lose owners (in ascending order) and become neutral, the senior will lose the title of Count. In summary, it is going to be a total bust.