There are 14 professional schools.

After reaching the 16th level, the player may join any of them. It is possible to quit a school at any moment, but a cancellation fee must be paid.

Schools set requirements for candidates to enter and to increase professional level. Schools are at rivalry with each other. This is why to get promoted one must complete challenges related to rivalry with other schools.

Joining a school allows a character to get passive characteristics and active skills, also it gives him or her an option to use professional items. It is envisaged that there are from 3 to 5 skills in each school. Combat schools are focused on training exquisite skills of killing and surviving. Handicraft schools are for handicraft skills.

Every school is going to provide 6 degrees of development.

  1. Universal (max. level 60.60):
    • Assassin;
    • Barbarian;
    • Blacksmith;
    • Thief.
  2. With an emphasis on physical development (max. level 60.15):
    • Crusader;
    • Gladiator;
    • Hunter;
    • Master of steel;
    • Weaponsmith.
  3. With an emphasis on magical development (max. level 15.60):
    • Archmage;
    • Druid;
    • Enchanter;
    • Inquisitor;
    • Necromancer.