There is only one race: humans.

There are no conventional classes.

The steps for making a new character consist of choosing gender, appearance, and name only.

In ROG, many things are not like everywhere else, including gaining experience and level-up. Here it is the other way around. A character gets new level after acquiring a certain number of attributes. The attributes grow with the use of weapon, or magic, or abilities, or when taking damage, and etc. This is why there is no difference who to use for farming: players or mobs. Or work non-stop day and night at forge.

There are 2 directions of character development: physical one and magical one. The maximum level in each one is 60. This is why a universal character has level 60.60. Additionally, there are 4 attributes for each direction. For physical one, they are strength, agility, accuracy, and endurance respectively. Magical ones are earth, air, water, and fire respectively.

When we claim that it is possible to get the highest level in the PvP mode, we are telling the truth:

  • in each county, there is a castle with set limit for the highest level of a fighter. This is why players level 20 will not suffer from players of level 60 in such castles;
  • each player has an option to freeze the development of his or her attributes. This is why, if the player has reached a comfortable level for the PvP mode, for instance, 16.15; the player is well-equipped; and the player does not wish to get a level-up for the moment, then he or she can freeze the attributes, but the experience will continue to accumulate. When the player gets bored, the attributes can be unfrozen, and the player jumps immediately to a level corresponding to accumulated experience, for instance, 31.15.