An association is an assembly of guilds based on their main activity.

Associations appeared because there are guilds which do not really want to fight in castles, but they very much want to have some influence in the kingdom.

They are separated in 3 categories:

  1. Associations of merchants;
  2. Associations of mercenaries;
  3. Associations of crafters (blacksmiths/armorers/sorcerers).

It is the guild that joins an association, not the player. Association set requirements for a guild how to join the association and get promoted in it. An association operates within a single county. It is not possible to be a member of same associations in different counties at the same time.

Part 1. Association of crafters

A hierarchy comprises several classes designated with Roman numerals from I to VI. Requirements to guilds and bonuses grow depending on the class type.

As a guild get promoted within an association, all the guild members get bonuses:

  • Option to become a contractor at an auction (for job contracts);
  • Reduction of the auction commission fee;
  • Free access to forges corresponding to your class;
  • Option to buy some basic resources from NPCs with game currency and such.

Only one guild can have the class VI (Cupola) in an association. Apart from a new level of basic bonuses, the Association cupola is eligible to commission from all deals on the auction of crafters.

Part 2. Association of merchants

By analogy with the association of crafters, there are 3 classes (from I to III) in the association of merchants, which grant following bonuses:

  • An increase of the total number of items which can be sold on the auction simultaneously;
  • Reduction of the auction commission fee;
  • Reduction of rent of trading areas.

The Association cupola gets commissions from the auction and from rent of trade areas.

Part 3. Association of mercenaries

Association of hired assassins unites all those who have decided to make living with such activity. It is easy to spot mercenaries in the crowd. However, they are bribing the church. This is why the church turns a blind eye on their doings.

There are 3 classes in the association of mercenaries. As one moves from class I to class III,  the association of mercenaries offers following bonuses to its members:

  • Option to become a contractor at an auction (for job contracts);
  • Reduction of the auction commission fee;
  • Reduction of fee for Ā«remission of sinsĀ» granted by priests;

If you want to assassinate a particular player, or a member of a particular guild, or a representative of some combat profession, then you need to do it via the auction.

Part 4. Commission, significance of associations


By analogy with powers of a Count, the head of the Association cupola has the power to set a value of commission within the kingdom from 0 to 15% for the corresponding auction.

Trading booths

There is a trade area in each town or village, where trading booths are for rent. Anyone can rent a booth for a price that depends on the period of rent. A NPC will trade there on your behalf. At the end of the day or the period of rent, you simply collect all the revenue or unsold goods. In this case, the player is free from both the trade tax and the commission fee of the auction.

Significance of associations

As it is mentioned earlier, it is better for Counts and Kings to live in peace with associations. And here is why: the Association cupola can block access of a Count in current county or of the King to the auction, and, consequently, their guilds will have no access to the auction as well.