A victory in the Mass-PvP is the only way to earn the title of Count and, subsequently, to sit on the throne of the kingdom.

The victory must be achieved in castles. Why then does one have to fight for them? For the sake of statistics on the website and holy-wars at forum? Of course, this is already not a small thing, but it  is somewhat outdated.

Each county has the main castle and 1-2 important castles. When the castles are captured and are being held for a certain amount of time (from 12 hours to 2 days), the guild’s senior who managed to achieve this, receives the title of Count.

Part 1. Possession of a castle

After capturing a castle, the guild-owner gets:

Bonuses: castle’s outfit, resources and useful consumables, and a high level forge;

Income: land tax for travelers and inhabitants (the value is set by the owner);

Expenses: maintenance of the castle (number of guards in it, strength of gates, speed of guards respawning) is up to the owner.

Part 2. The Count

Capturing and retaining certain castles (from 2 to 3) in a county, the guild’s senior becomes Count and his or her guild gets:

Income: trade tax within their county (from 0 to 15%) on trading between players and NPCs, and between players via auctions;

Expenses: maintenance of the county. The Count can regulate the welfare of his county based on parameters: 1) respawning rate of mobs and resources; 2) the variety and amount of goods of NPCs.

Part 3. The King.

If a guild’s senior is Count in any 3 counties, then by capturing certain castles in the King’s County, the guild’s senior receives the title of the King.

Inside the King’s County, the bearer of the title has the same powers and responsibilities as a Count.

Apart from that, the King gets:

Income: royal tax. The tax is charged from all Counts as a percentage of trade taxes collected by them from all counties. The range is from 0 to 30%. Individual values can be set for each county.