The history of the kingdom sank into oblivion.

Besides, it might not exist at all. In some form or another, it is not important. What is important is what kind of story will be written by players. And for now, just facts:

  • 1 kingdom;
  • 4 parts (North, South, West, East), each one is about 200-250 km. sq.;
  • in each part, there are 6-7 counties, 6-10 towns or villages, and about 30 castles.

Climate is moderate in the mid-latitudes. The parts are separated from each other by impassable mountains and water open spaces.

There is the King’s County in the center of the kingdom. It is the place through which all the free traffic goes from one part of the kingdom to another.

The kingdom can be roughly separated into circles. However, their amount is not equal to nine, since we are not visiting “Dante’s Inferno”. There are only five circles. The closer to the center, the richer and more difficult is life in there.

For instance:

Circle I are initial counties. Players appear there. Then, figuratively speaking, they are spiraling in up the cone to the center through circles II – IV.

Circle V is the King’s County and the center of the Kingdom. There is the capital and the King’s castle. It is the county where top-guilds must go toe-to-toe to earn the right to put their senior on the throne of the kingdom.

Resettlement of new players is done via issuing them badges in the starting location. Its purpose is   that beginner players are homogeneously spread over the game space.

The client supports two languages: Russian and English. When the language is selected, an automatic division of players occurs based on their language preference within one kingdom: RUS if the East, ENG is the West.

Herewith, game servers in Western part will be in Europe, and the ones in the Eastern part will be in Russia, and the King’s County is fairly split between them.

The Northern and Southern parts of the Kingdom will be available only after the release of the game. In order to open these locations, players must complete together a difficult task.