Dear friends!

We are excited to present to you a new patch that brings a number of significant changes and improvements to the game. Here are the main highlights of the update.

Changes in the update:

  • Regeneration (ATL-2121)
    - Regeneration now does not remove invisibility from the thief
  • Recipes (ATL-2120)
    - Recipes for pads and scapulars now drop not only in MMM quality
  • Aggression (ATL-2086)
    - Translated to instant application (instacast)
  • Passive Abilities (ATL-2092)
    - Passive abilities do not disappear from slots after character death.
  • New Items
    Added new types of AOE powders:
    - Hail
    - Immolation
    - Stonefall
    - Thunder Strike

Thank you for being with us. Have a pleasant game!

The Atlant Games Team.