Dear friends!

We are excited to present to you a new update that will bring improvements to the gameplay. In this patch, we focused on enhancing stability, optimizing rewards, and strengthening certain aspects of gameplay.
Please review the full list of changes.

Update Changes:

  • Removal of the redundant assassin trainer (ATL-2156)
    - The extra NPC assassin trainer has been removed.
  • Enhancement of the blacksmith's stamina punch out (ATL-2143)
    - Blacksmiths can now punch out stamina from opponents more effectively.
    The blacksmith feels good enough, but his professional ability is too weak, which is why it is rarely used. With the enhancement of this ability, we hope this will change.
  • Fixing ambient sounds on the island (ATL-2049)
    - The atmosphere on the island has been improved by fixing the ambient sounds.
  • Relocation of quests (ATL-2078)
    - Quests from the village on the island are now located in the camp and tavern, improving navigation.
    New players often noted that there are too many quests on the starting island. To maintain focus and not clutter the quest log from the start of the game, we decided to move some quests from the starting village deeper into the island.
  • Increase in quest rewards (ATL-2079)
    - Rewards for quests related to leaving the island have been increased.
    In the process of adding new quests on the island, the main training chains were not so noticeable. Many new players ended up on the mainland without completing them. We decided to add experience to the reward in these chains to motivate people to focus on these quests.
  • Attack with shield raise (ATL-2093)
    - Added the ability to attack enemies while simultaneously raising the shield.
  • Elimination of freezes when entering cities (ATL-2093)
    - Fixed issues with object loading that caused game freezes.
  • Melee weapon attack animation fix (ATL-1995)
    - Fixed situations where attack animation was not displayed.
  • Standard dispel power for all debuffs from abilities (ATL-2083)
    - All debuffs can now be removed with any dispel.
    This was not an easy decision, but now all buff placers including vampirism can be removed with a cleansing powder.
  • Changes in the Kamae ability of the Master of Steel (ATL-2081)
    - Removed the sprint ban and doubled the stamina consumption.
    The sprint ban on the Master of Steel's ability made it difficult to use in PvP, and the profession of the Master of Steel was quite unattractive. We decided to fix this by replacing the ban with increased consumption.
  • Changes in debuffs from abilities (ATL-2084)
    - Debuffs that mirror buffs are now 20% stronger. If a buff gives +100, the corresponding debuff will be -120.
    Using debuffs in PvP situations was hard to justify, as it is noticeably harder to apply a debuff to an opponent than to apply a buff to oneself. We decided to slightly compensate for this in the stats.

Thank you for being with us.Enjoy the game!

Atlant Games Team.