Dear friends!

The series of weekends and holidays has come to an end, so with new strength and team members, we are getting back to work.

As before, our thoughts/responses/description of the meta are in italics.

The ban list for the past week has grown significantly:

Patch notes:

  • Fixed a loophole for duping - the simplest in terms of reproducibility and the most complex in terms of code;

Knowledge Base:

  • New sections added;
  • Trigger volumes added for opening/notifications;


  • In T1 counties, the mob level has been completely reworked:
    • On average, the mob level near starting villages has been reduced by 2 levels;
    • On average, the mob level in other spawners has been reduced by 4 levels;
    • The transition between spawner levels has been softened;
    • Now, the maximum mob level on the surface in T1 counties = 15;
  • Ecosystem:
    • Weakened by 4 times for all regular mobs;
    • Weakened by 10 times for rare mobs;
    • Turned off for locations with mini-bosses, swamps;
  • DVB:
    • Increased the maximum price limit by 15 times;
    • Slowed down the rollback of DVB to its original state;
    • Enabled DVB on NPC recyclers;
    • Increased DVB for a number of NPCs;

Rivulet Island:

  • Introduced a maximum level restriction (16);
  • Characters above level 16 have been sent to Harbour (with the payment of the Island tax);


  • Added recipes for powder boiling:
    • This is the repeated boiling of powders to obtain a concentrate;
    • Powders receive the suffix R1;
    • This is the first degree of boiling down;
  • Effects of R1 on buffs:
    • -5% to bonuses;
    • +15% to duration;
    • Resistance to character demise (do not remove upon death);
    • 1 level of dispel resistance;
  • Effects of R1 on damaging magic:
    • -5% to damage;
    • +10% to speed and range;


  • (Thief) Invisibility: the number of attacks is limited by charges;
  • (Hunter) Double Arrow: the number of shots is limited by charges, cooldown for recharging increased;
  • (Inquisitor) Purification: significantly increased the number of buffs removed (as part of the overall changes to dispels);


  • Added influence on Max MP;
  • Added influence on HP Regen
    • Also, the significance of HP regen will be increased by the next patch;
  • Reduced the penalty for energy and its regen, increased for Max HP and MP for the value (0);
  • General changes to bonuses/maluses for satiety;


  • Druid healing powders no longer consume stamina;


  • The appearance of the Tabula Rasa window during transitions;
  • Hotbar (the logic of loading has been tightened, which should affect its reset during transition);
  • Reset of DBV for a number of traders;
  • A number of errors with checks for space in inventory/containers;


  • Reworking of server logging;