Dear friends!

End-User License Agreement(EULA)

The game now has an additional EULA, that will allow us to completely block characters/accounts, for abusing in-game mechanics (“Exploit bugs or glitches to gain a competitive advantage;”)

We want to warn our community in advance, that “harmless” abuse, such as:

  • leveling using logouts;
  • leveling/farming using archmage flight abuse;
  • pickpocketing cooldown abuse;

Will result in an account/character blocking for n days at best. And such things as RMT and dupes will result in a permanent account ban.

Patch #5:

  • Damage formula:
    • bonus damage cap reduced 3 times;
    • bonus damage gain speed reduced 7 times;
    • bonus damage could become 140% from base damage, which led to unexpectedly fast kills
    • these changes does not touch base damage, which is based off attack-defense difference with certain modifiers;

  • Vocations:
    • Assassin:
      • PD bonus increased from 80/140/280 to160/280/560;
    • Thief:
      • PA/MA/PD/MD - bonuses removed;
    • Blacksmith:
      • PD/MD bonuses increased from 80/140/280 to 120/210/420;
    • Gladiator:
      • PD/MD - penalty removed;
    • Crusader:
      • PD penalty increased from -80/-140/-280 to -120/-210/-420;
      • MD bonus increased from 160/280/560 to 320/560/1120;
    • Master of Steel:
      • PD bonus increased from 160/280/560 to 320/560/1120;
    • Weaponsmith:
      • PA - bonus added 120/210/420;
    • Hunter:
      • PA - bonus removed;
    • Inquisitor:
      • MD bonus increased from 120/210/420 to 240/420/840;
  • Abilities:
    • ability tooltip now provides correct information both in character window and in quests;
    • various ability cooldown fixes (not final);
    • (Thief) Pickpocketing: temporarily reworked as “Begging” (amount of talers up to 4/6/10) until final ability cooldown fixes;
    • (Thief) Elusiveness: crossbow reload using aiming is no longer possible using sprint;
    • (Archmage) Fly: fixed various bugs that allowed to constantly fly;
  • Karma:
    • fixed bug that led to personal penalty for regular indulgence applying to characters that never used indulgence;
    • personal penalty for regular indulgence can add up to x50 from base cost;
    • once a day(irl) personal penalty decreases by 500 karma;
    • basic amounts of karma for regular mods reduced by 30%-50%, additional karma for level reduced by 10%-30%;
    • amount of karma gain is now more dependent on mob type;
  • Portals:
    • there are now 15 portals in the open world (work both ways), new tp tokens added (Daerkunn and Gwasgar);
    • map icons added;
    • 2 more counties are WIP;
    • for now, there is no difference between yellow and blue portals;
  • Misc:
    • fixed server crash (physical scene), on which led to 100% of server crashes for servers with castles/dungeons and 90% of server crashes in the open world;
    • (boss) Golem: knock chance by timer is reduced by 3 times;
    • NPCs(weapons, armors) added to the city of Brabat;
    • localization for special items fixed;
    • various fixes in widgets(character inspection, chat):