Dear friends,

It is just a small patch with some general fixes and balance changes.

The beginning of the end of the "running simulator":

  • There are three more portals added on the Island (marked on the map) that will allow to travel across the map with all the usual restrictions related to items;
    • in the following patches every county in Dwarrhan will have on average around 10 portals (4 blue and 6 yellow);

More changes of magic:

  • The point of changes:
    • we watch the open world PvP in Dwarrhan;
    • until we add medium missiles, AOE magic, and control magic for all the elements, we'll try to search for the most exciting and dynamic balance between the speed and distance of magic spells;
  • Earth:
    • Increased the speed of light missiles by 45%;
    • Decreased the distance of light missiles by 30%;
  • Air:
    • Decreased the distance by 2,5 m;
  • Water:
    • Increased the distance of light missiles by 6,5%;
    • Increased the speed of light missiles by 11,5%;
  • Fire:
    • Increased the distance of light missiles by 11%;
    • Increased the speed of meteor by 30%;
    • Increased the damage of meteor by 19%;
    • Increased the distance of meteor by 33%;
    • The VFX of meteor explosion now matches its AOE impact;


  • number of quests limit increased to 30;
  • fixed the issue that hid and didn't let players complete repeatable quests from multi-questgivers;
  • increased the number of AIs in each spawner on the Island by 25%;;
  • incoming invites (party, guild, trade):
    • they no longer toggle cursor mode;
    • by default the window appears in right upper corner;
  • added new types of food cooked from rats and chicken;
  • added portals that were missing in the cities;
  • fixed wrong weapon weights;
  • fixed one of the ways to duplicate items;
  • fixed dysfunctional wood refiners;
  • fixed wrong Northerner bosses' respawn times;
  • fixed a tavern door that teleported to the wrong location;
  • fixed issues in NPC names localization;
  • fixed the issue related to the way the Island royal tax increased with each character on the account;
  • added an additional check for taking RPs without issuing a reward to the account;


  • the load distance of sublevels in Dwarrhan;
  • additional item division on new sublevels;
  • deleted dummy NPCs that didn't have any function;