Dear friends!

We’ll tell you about the changes and the things that we are working on that haven’t got into that patch.


  • We fixed the chat filter error when several languages were turned on by default;
  • BUT! You have to manually set the chat filters if your character was created before the patch of 07/04/2024.
  • For newly created characters, we would also strongly advise setting up your filters yourself, since the default values may not satisfy your preferences

Patch #2:


  • Tooltip:
    • enemy level is now visible (but not for bosses);
    • another iteration of level dots;
  • All common mobs take 3-5 times more time to start regenerating health;
  • Boar:
    • nearly impossible to kite it by just running around it;
    • has a higher chance to miss with its attacks;
  • Skeleton:
    • takes twice as long to cast its regenerating spell;
    • the regeneration lasts 10 seconds (1-3% of HP), can be dispeled;
  • AI XP gains:
    • increased the XP gained from skeletons;
    • bosses don’t give XP, except for animal bosses (temporary decision to prevent XP abuses);

Rivulet Island - Beginner’s Land:

  • Black Territories:
    • no Black Zones (free PvP) on the surface of the Island;
    • the mine is now safe from PvP;
    • 50% of the spider cave are covered by a safe zone, but it is harder to farm resources there (safe and unsafe zones are divided by cascade of spider webs);
  • Catacombs, castle, skeletons:
    • Still Black Zones;
    • skeletons yield better rewards (including T2 items);
  • Quests and DQB (Dynamic Quest Balance):
    • turned off DQB in all quests on the Island;
      • quest requirements will not change with the growing demand of other players on these quests;
    • Increased the rewards of quests on animal trophies;
  • Bosses:
    • respawn time of animal bosses was decreased (random offset between 4-8 minutes);
    • decreased the respawn time of the troll (6-12 minutes);

Other changes:

  • Magic:
    • Air powders consume 25-35% more mana;
  • Priest and karma:
    • Increased the base cost;
    • Changed the algorithm for calculating personal cost growth;
    • Changed the widget (now “additional price” shows personal additional cost and the additional costs from DVB);
    • Reset personal additional cost values;
  • Vocational abilities:
    • Fixed some of the vocational abilities (there was no difference between levels 1, 2, and 3);
    • Some T3 buffs of the abilities got deleted when transferring between servers;
    • Theif (received quite some nerfs):
      • Stealing: decreased the average sum by 30%, increased the randomization range, and increased CD from 2 to 5 minutes;
      • Note: these measures will stay in place until we add penalties for theft and magic that allows to see the invisible;
  • Foxes/Changes/Additions:
    • Expanded and reworked the information in the pop-up window of the Tavern and the Island;
    • Localization fixes (tokens, portals, karma system);
    • Fixed resetting settings that happened on transferring between instances or seamless zones;
    • Partially fixed the error related to WASD key binds (sprint, dodge);
    • Added missing vendor presets in some locations;
    • Added missing UI interaction SFXs;