Dear friends, we’ll be very concise:

  • we confirm the date and time of the Early Access release:
    • 11:00 (GMT+0), 04/04/2024
  • the client will become available for download one hour earlier than this time;
  • the rewards for the Early Pre-Order purchased on the website will become available a little later and will need to be activated in your account on the website;

Speaking about how we feel:

  • for our studio, this release is an enormous step, and as it usually is, we aren’t ready for it as we’d like to be;
  • we’d like to thank everyone who has been and is still supporting our idea, labor, and its fruits;
  • the last month was devoted to fixes and optimization, and working on our servers in all possible directions;
  • at the start, there will probably be issues and we’ll try hard to fix them as soon as they arise;
  • we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding, and we’ll be happy to meet you across the expanses of Dwarrhan!

ROG’ums Up!